‘Cars 3’ Post-Credits Scene: Fans Of Mater Will Want To Stay In Their Seats Until The Very End

Is there a scene after the credits in Cars 3?

For thousands of parents trekking out with the kids to see the latest Pixar offering, it’s an important question that could save them some much-needed bathroom time after the final credits start to roll. The post-credits scene has become something of a staple of movies, and Pixar has been known to insert these scenes in some of its other movies.

Moviegoers who stayed all the way to the end of Cars and Cars 2 may remember that it wasn’t entirely worth the wait. While Cars 2 did have some animated scenes of Mater and Lightning McQueen traveling the world that played during the first three minutes of the credits, there was nothing extra at the very end.

But that is not the case with the latest Pixar offering. There are reports that there is indeed a post-credits scene in Cars 3, one that once again features the fan-favorite Mater. As Just Jared reported, the scene makes it worth waiting to the very end of the movie.

There appears to be a good chance that Cars 3 will have a big opening-weekend box office total. The Pixar series has a great track record of success, and early predictions put Cars 3 at the top of the box office, knocking Wonder Woman out of the No. 1 spot.

As Entertainment Weekly noted, Cars 3 also comes out at a time when family fare is light. Most of the box office attention has been focused on blockbusters like Wonder Woman, and the last family-themed movie was Captain Underpants, released at the start of June.

“What Cars does have on its side as it races into 4,256 theaters this Friday, however, is a lack of competition. The last major animated title to open wide in North America was Fox’s Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, which made a so-so $23.9 million at the start of June, but other than that, families are hungry for a hit aimed squarely at them, and by all accounts (reviews aren’t awful thus far), Cars 3 delivers.”

While Cars 3 has seen only so-so reviews, the popularity of the series and the extended drawing power of the Pixar series will likely help it overcome that. And over the course of the past two summers, the family movies have shown to have some of the best extended drawing power, while some of the more traditional blockbusters — especially the third and fourth iterations in their series — have failed to meet expectations. That leaves Cars 3 with the chance of making a very long box office run.

So with a post-credits scene in Cars 3, make sure to keep the kids in the seats to catch the final scene with Mater.

[Featured Image by Disney/Pixar]