Kendall Jenner: Her Reason For Keeping A$ap Rocky Romance Secret From ‘KUWTK’ Fans

Kendall Jenner has no interest in letting people into her personal life anymore, especially when it comes to her relationship with A$ap Rocky.

The duo has reportedly been dating for the past couple of months, People shares, but it was at the Met Gala in May where Kendall Jenner and the rapper really turned heads, after being spotted hugging and groping one another in a series of suggestive photos.

The news of Kendall Jenner dating Rocky doesn’t come as a surprise to her family who’ve known about the relationship since it first took off, but fans were rather startled, having presumed that the romance was nothing more than a rumor.

It turns out that the couple is, in fact, an item, but don’t expect Kendall Jenner to share any further PDA moments with her alleged boyfriend in public because she has chosen to keep it as private as possible, telling friends that she’s somewhat done with sharing every single thing about her personal life.

A source tells Hollywood Life that Kendall Jenner is happy that she and A$ap Rocky share the same views when it comes to their relationship — it’s strictly being kept to them because involving the public in their lives, at least concerning their romance, is only going to cause problems in the long run.

“They’re so happy to have a chill and relaxed time whenever they’re together,” an insider shares to the gossip outlet. “Kendall loves that Rocky has no interest in all the Kardashian bullsh*t and really appreciates the fact that he wants to keep their relationship out of the spotlight as much as possible — between them only, special and private.”


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News of Kendall Jenner wanting to stay away from sharing details about her and A$ap Rocky comes just weeks after the model reportedly expressed to her mother, Kris Jenner, that she no longer wanted to take part in the family’s reality show.

Insiders claim that Kendall Jenner wants to fully commit herself to her modeling career, adding that being on reality TV is a distraction and another form of invasion to her privacy. If she wants to be taken seriously in the world of fashion, she can’t keep sharing every aspect of her life and divert her attention from the things that matter to her world, which is, of course, modeling.


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Are you surprised that Kendall Jenner wants to distance herself from reality TV and keep her romance private?

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