Jerry Sandusky Seeks Less Harsh Prison Setting

Jerry Sandusky is seeking a less harsh prison setting to complete his sentence for child abuse convictions. The former Penn State assistant coach’s lawyer commented that Sandusky has “gotten his fighting spirit back,” reports Yahoo! Sports.

Sandusky is appealing to prison officials, asking if they will house him in less restrictive conditions than those he is currently subject to.

The former coach’s lawyer, Karl Rominger, made the announcement on Friday after he spent several hours with Sandusky at Greene State Prison, where he is currently serving a sentence of 30 to 60 years. Rominger commented that the convicted former coach has improved his outlook since his sentencing in October. He added:

“I was meeting with a man who was again ready to press forward, who has regenerated his energies and has clearly devoted his time and energy to perfecting that appeal. His fight is 100 percent back.”

Jerry Sandusky is seeking the less harsh prison setting as a Level 2 inmate on a five-level security classification, according to USA Today. Despite this, he is usually treated as a level 5 prisoner. He is often alone in his sell for 23 hours each day. He enjoys some freedoms that Level 5 prisoners do not have, however, like two phone calls per month (instead of one) and a television.

Sandusky has maintained his innocence in the child sex abuse trial and plans to appeal the conviction and sentence, according to Rominger. The lawyer added of Sandusky’s hope for a less harsh prison setting:

“We’re not completely devoid of common sense. We understand the prison system is trying to balance their concerns about physical safety. We are just looking for middle ground.”

The lawyer added that the former coach believes he will be safe in the prison’s general population, despite the stories of fellow prisoners harassing and abusing child sex offender inmates. Rominger plans to write to the prison’s warden on Jerry Sandusky’s behalf, seeking a less harsh prison setting.