Bayley Expected To Start Huge Romantic Angle With Corey Graves

A lot has changed for Bayley since WrestleMania 33. A great deal of the WWE Universe still loves her based on her run in NXT. Many people feel she has the potential to be a huge babyface for WWE someday. A lot of officials feel the same way, but they have no issues forcing even their top stars to get over again on the main roster. However, it’s being reported that Triple H is frustrated with Vince McMahon for this exact reason.

Bayley is a good example of a wonderful talent from NXT not reaching their potential on the main roster. It is important to remember that her career is far from over, but it’s undeniable that she has yet to become the top babyface in the Women’s division that a lot of people believe she can be. Her time on Raw has not been without great success. She’s been the Raw Women’s Champion and left WrestleMania with the title as well.

However, it’s clear that her character hasn’t gotten over with the WWE Universe as it did in NXT. She’s been presented as innocent and even childish rather than ambitious and talented. Bayley is a unique character, so it’s hard to walk that line, but WWE officials have booked her into a tough position after she was dominated by Alexa Bliss during their feud. Now, the powers that be have an interesting idea for her going forward.

Bayley Has Struggled Hard On the MAin Roster

On Raw, Bayley was featured in an interview with Corey Graves. She discussed her failure at WWE Extreme Rules a couple of weeks ago and talked about what her goals are heading into the future. She continued to say inspirational things, but the most important moment of the interview came at the end with an awkward hug between her and Graves. It was that exchange that may have said everything about Bayley’s next storyline.

Apparently, WWE officials could be planning a big romantic angle between Bayley and Graves. Some people may have thought nothing about the hug at the end of the interview, but it may be expanded into an ongoing storyline on Raw. It’s been suggested that the idea would hinder Bayley’s character even more on the main roster, but WWE officials may be looking to give her character sympathy in other ways outside of the ring.

Corey Graves has traditionally been a heel announcer, so he could break Bayley’s heart to give her sympathy with the WWE Universe. There is an opportunity for some kind of stalker storyline, which would likely be a heel turn. The other important thing to realize is how much more Corey has been used as an on-air talent.

Corey Graves Has Quickly Become An Extremely Important Part of Raws Commentary Team

Graves has been active away from the announce table in the “text message” storyline with Kurt Angle. If the storyline with Bayley comes true, it could mean bigger things for him. The best situation for the angle would be some heat on Graves and sympathy for Bayley. The former could become a big heel announcer. The latter could bring that sympathy into the ring. Sometimes when a performer is in a rut, you have to take a big risk.

In the past, WWE officials have killed storylines like this dead in its tracks if it doesn’t work quickly. There is a chance it could ruin Bayley’s potential as a top babyface, but the powers that be are trying to think outside the box for her. On paper, that means they haven’t given up on her. It may take some time before WWE can push Bayley into the position she deserves to be, but they’re at least going to try everything they can think of before giving up.

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