‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Sonny’s Trouble Could Be Just Starting If He Becomes A Suspect In Deimos’ Murder

Once back in Salem, after being rescued from the island, Days of Our Lives fans will see Sonny in a whole new light. Just before the plane crash, Victor had named him as the new CEO of Titan Industries. Paul saw Sonny as obsessed with the new position, given his constant talk of what he planned for the family business.

The following will contain Days of Our Lives spoilers. If you don’t want to know, stop reading now.

Sonny went through a stressful ordeal when his plane crashed. While it seems he would want to relax and recuperate for a bit, he is just the opposite. He jumps straight into work as the new CEO of Titan. One of the things he wants to do right away is to show everyone who the top dog is now that Deimos is gone. Sonny plans on letting go any employee that may have allegiance to the ex-CEO because he wants to take no chances of interference or sabotage. Paul has told Sonny he feels this is an unfair move that could cost long-term employees their jobs even though they have done nothing to deserve to be fired.

As the time goes by, Days of Our Lives fans will see that Sonny has more plans for change at Titan. Victor has total confidence in him to lead the company and doesn’t intervene. After all, he hadn’t intervened when villainous Deimos was at the helm, and it would be surprising if he did now. Still, some of Sonny’s plans aren’t popular with Titan folks and even some members of the Kiriakis family.


Days of Our Lives viewers know that Sonny has Deimos in his crosshairs and wants to see him behind bars. He is so serious about it that he keeps pushing the envelope until Deimos starts pushing back. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, things become tense between the two, as Deimos is also working on a new use of the drug Halo. Could the Days of Our Lives villain have a shot at controlling his adversaries by using the drug on them? He just keeps creating more trouble for himself until eventually one of his enemies strikes and Deimos pays the price with his life.

Of course, the death of Deimos could easily have the Salem PD looking into Sonny. The very open and intense animosity between the two could be a motive for murder. Spoilers tell us more is coming Sonny’s way when Will returns to Days of Our Lives.


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