Scott Disick Reportedly Gifted Exes Kourtney And Bella Similar Apology Flowers On Same Day

Uh-oh, did Scott Disick just cross another line with Kourtney Kardashian and Bella Thorne? The women reportedly received similar looking bouquets from the 34-year-old in an attempt to apologize for his recent behavior.

Both Bella and Kourtney took to Snapchat to show off colorful flower arrangements featuring roses and peonies on Tuesday evening. Sites such as Daily Mail and TMZ are stating that it appears the flowers are from Disick as he attempts to make amends for his wild behavior while in Cannes.

In fact, TMZ said its source is sure Scott is the man behind the oddly similar arrangements shown by Kourt and Bella.

“Bella shared a pic of a gorgeous pink rose and peonies bouquet Tuesday night, and our sources say Scott’s the mystery guy who ordered ’em.”

The site goes on to say that Thorne even took Disick up on a recent invitation to his Los Angeles-area home despite their ill-fated Cannes trip in May. Recently, Bella told the press she couldn’t handle Disick’s partying while visiting the French city.

According to People magazine, Thorne said Scott’s drinking was too hardcore, which is why they parted ways after a short-lived time together.

“I love to go out and have fun, I love to f—ing dance, but I just don’t party hardcore like that and it was way too much for me. I was like, ‘Woah, this is not the way I live my life, bruh.'”

However, it appears Scott’s apology attempts are working when it comes to winning over 19-year-old Bella, but not so much in Kourtney’s case. It’s been reported the mother of three may quit filming Keeping Up With the Kardashians if Scott continues to be a part of the show.

Hollywood Life stated Kardashian is so over her ex that she wants to cut him out of her life completely. The site reported that Kourtney even threatened to keep Kris Jenner from seeing her grandkids unless she kicks Scott off the show.

“Kourt told her mom she’ll quit the show and ban her from the grandkids if she doesn’t kick Scott off.”

Perhaps Scott realizes the error of his ways as he reportedly seeks to make amends with two of the women he recently angered.

While it may simply be a coincidence that both Kourtney and Bella showed off similar flower arrangements on the same day, it’s too suspicious for fans to ignore. E! News also covered the drama as it stated that Scott may have been caught in one of the most cringe-worthy mistakes ever.

The article reports that Disick certainly had reasons to send both women flowers, but questions if he was desperate enough to actually send them similar bouquets.

“Needless to say, Scott certainly had reasons to send both ladies a bouquet…but would he really do that? We’ll let you decide.”

It seems readers do in fact believe Scott sent both Kardashian and Thorne similar flowers as they commented on TMZ‘s article. One reader said it’s obvious the arrangements were created by the same florist as they both feature roses and peonies.

“Wow. Just wow. Those bouquets were obviously created by the same florist. Geez.”

[Featured Image by Timothy Hiatt/ Getty Images]