‘This Is Us’ Season 2: Producer Teases Happy Ending For The Pearson Clan

This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman says the second season of his hit show will include a few surprises, but he ultimately knows how the story of the Pearson clan will end, hopefully, many years from now. In a new Deadline cover story, Fogelman revealed that much of the “mystery” behind patriarch Jack Pearson’s (Milo Ventimiglia) death will be revealed in the upcoming season of This Is Us, but that there’s also a lot more in store for the other characters on the breakout NBC drama.

“There’s always been a plan for Jack’s death—how and when it would be revealed,” the This Is Us showrunner told Deadline. “We are sticking to the plan. I can’t say a ton, but yes, it’s fair to say that Season 2 holds a lot of the remaining cards re: Jack’s death.”

Fogelman admitted he doesn’t plan to have any more “mysteries” unravel, but he said some of the upcoming storylines “will keep people talking and on their toes.”

This Is Us has already been renewed for two full seasons, which will guarantee fans a whopping 36 new episodes. Fogelman said he already has the series mapped out as far as he can plan it, including the shape of the series, where it ends, and where each season goes. He also teased ultimate plan for the show, promising that it won’t leave viewers in a state of depression.

“Of course,” Fogelman said when asked if This Is Us will ultimately have a happy ending.

“C’mon. At the worst, it will be in the vicinity of happy.”


As for Season 2 specifically, Fogelman says the upcoming season of This Is Us will delve deeper into the present day lives of the Pearson clan.

“Kate [Chrissy Metz] as she embarks on a singing career and plans a wedding with Toby [Chris Sullivan], Randall and Beth [Sterling K. Brown, Susan Kelechi Watson] as they consider adopting a child, and Kevin [Justin Hartley] as he takes the next steps in his acting career and battles some new demons in his quest to be a full, realized dude,” the This Is Us creator revealed. “We’ve left Jack and Rebecca [Mandy Moore] in a really fragile place in their marriage, so there’s lots to do there—and of course we have the ticking clock of Jack’s death looming.”


While there won’t be another big mystery like the Jack death watch, and maybe not even any big “twists,” Fogelman promised “something” is coming up, but he is cryptic as to what.

“Yes, there’s something coming in Season 2,” the This Is Us showrunner said.

“I’m not sure if it’s a ‘twist’ or what one would call it, but yes. We’ve got something.”

Spoilers for This is Us Season 2 have been pretty much nonexistent, and Fogelman plans to keep it that way. Ahead of the second season of the show, which begins shooting in July, Fogelman told the Los Angeles Times that at least some of the Season 2 scripts would be kept under lock and key in an attempt to prevent spoilers from leaking out.

“I think next season we’re going to have to put some scripts on lock down,” Fogelman told the Times. “There’s going to be big stuff happening.”

This Is Us returns to NBC’s Tuesday night schedule in September.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly]