Nevada Man Posts Sign In Yard Declaring The Property A Sovereign Nation

Tara Dodrill

Dayton, NV - Kevin Baugh was well ahead of the times when he posted a sign in his front yard and declared the property a sovereign nation. The Nevada man beat the We the People secession petitioners to the punch by more than a decade. Baugh named himself the president of the Republic of Molossia, a self-described micro-nation, according to MSN.

The Molossia sign warns would-be trespassers that if they walk onto the property they have left United States territory and entered an independent sovereign nation. Earlier this week Kevin Baugh took another step forward in his quest for legitimacy for the Republic of Molossia – he used the We the People petition to formally declare his independence.

Much like Texas, the president of Molossia hopes to continue his "current peaceful and fruitful relationship" with the United States of America. The independent micro-nation consists of Kevin Baugh's home and 1.3-acre yard, according to Mashable. In a 10th anniversary article about the Republic of Molossia in the Chicago Tribune, the report noted that the country's currency is pegged to the value of chocolate chip cookie dough and the national sport is broomball.

The Nevada man's petition on the We the People website had garnered 180 signatures by noon on Friday. Micro-nations are not a new concept in America or around the globe. People have been declaring patches of land independent states since the 1960s.

Everything from residential property to an abandoned anti-aircraft platform in the North Sea have been declared sovereign lands. Some of the declarations of independence have been political statements and other have reportedly been schemes of tax avoidance.