‘Teen Mom OG’ Amber Portwood Just Can’t Quit Matt Baier! Even After Abuse And Drug Rumors Surface

Amber Portwood ended her engagement with Matt Baier the first time after he was caught lying about former lovers on Teen Mom OG. They soon got back together and resumed their volatile relationship. While Portwood is still dealing with the aftermath of their latest explosive fight, is she ready to fix their relationship and tie the knot?

According to Radar Online, Portwood finally stood up to Baier’s antics on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG. Portwood has expressed doubts about marrying Baier all season long, but things got extra heated after Baier’s latest slip. When Baier asked for forgiveness, Portwood finally admitted that she’s had enough.

“Do you mean that? You’re not going to marry me?” Baier asked her. “Baby come on I’m sorry. I made one mistake.”

“You’ve made more than one f*****g mistake,” she fired back. “I’m not doing it.”

People reports that the final straw happened when Portwood caught Baier in possession of prescription drugs. Baier handed a Xanax to Catelynn Baltierra during the cast trip to New York, and Portwood flipped because he isn’t supposed to be around drugs while recovering from substance abuse.

This, of course, isn’t the first time their relationship has been under the spotlight. Inside sources claim that Amber Portwood called off the wedding the first time because Baier bombed a lie detector test. The failed test came on the heels of the allegations that Baier has at least nine kids from seven different relationships. Despite Baier’s actions, Portwood recently assured fans that she hasn’t given up on their relationship just yet.

“Matt is very caring, he just has some issues he needs to work out and then we can see what happens,” she shared.

Just as she assured fans that Matt was “caring,” Portwood hinted on Instagram that she has been the victim of domestic violence. Portwood did time for abusing her ex Gary Shirley, but is she talking about Baier this time?

In the clip, she claims “I was the one on the other f**king end with the domestic violence — it went both ways. However, I never opened up my mother**king mouth about anybody ever f**king hitting me! Anybody! Because that’s what a real f**king woman does!”

It is not clear which of her partners she is talking about, but let us just say, if you are being abused, please tell someone. Asking for help may just be what a “real woman” does.

That said, Portwood and Baier clearly have a lot of issues to work through if they want to get their relationship back on track. Portwood recently told her co-stars that she and Baier have not gone through therapy, which might have to change if they want to turn their relationship around.


Speaking of therapy, Radar Online reports that Portwood and Baier are getting ready to star on the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars on WE. Portwood hasn’t confirmed the reports, though insiders claim that she’s been in negotiations with producers for quite some time.

We can only hope that the marriage boot camp will turn things around for the troubled couple. If not, then it sounds like it’s only a matter of time before their relationship ends for good.

New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Monday nights on MTV.

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