Beyonce Reportedly Shuts Down Hospital Floor, Moves Patients Out As She Prepares To Give Birth

Emily Hutchinson

Beyonce has allegedly shut down an entire floor of a Los Angeles hospital and moved out other patients as she prepares to give birth to her and husband Jay Z's twins.

Amid much speculation the pop superstar may have gone into labor on June 13, sources are claiming that the star has checked in to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, and supposedly shut down the entire fifth floor.

That's according to a user submission to The Shade Room, as a follower of the gossip site claimed to have a friend who works in the hospital building who confirmed Beyonce's arrival.

Though the report has not been confirmed by the star's team, the fan claimed that Beyonce and her team arrived at the hospital earlier this week and had supposedly shut down the entire fifth floor of the building for privacy and security reasons.

In addition, the source also alleged that Beyonce is so determined to give birth to her twins without prying eyes that hospital workers have supposedly been moving patients out of the building the singer is in and putting them in other wards.

Though it's not yet been confirmed that she's in labor, or that she may already given birth for the second time, it wouldn't be a surprise to learn that Beyonce had shut down a hospital floor in order to welcome her and Jay Z's twins in privacy.

Back in 2012, New York Daily News reported that the singer welcomed daughter Blue Ivy into the world in a private luxury suite in New York City that allegedly cost $800 a night.

The hospital suite was reportedly furnished with flatscreen TVs, luxury furniture, and even silk throw pillows.

The latest labor report comes shortly after Mail Online claimed last week that Beyonce and husband Jay Z had supposedly paid $1 million to have "an entire professional neonatal wing shipped into the couple's rented property" in Los Angeles, which suggested at the time that the singer was hoping to give birth to her twins at home.

"It is all about privacy and safety. It's not usual for someone expecting twins to have them at home, but Beyonce has discussed it with her doctors," a source revealed to the site ahead of the latest labor rumors.

"She's in prime physical condition and they are setting up a professional maternity unit inside the house for the birth," continued the insider.

However, amid claims Beyonce could now have gone into labor and checked in at UCLA, it's possible that the conflicting stories may be the star's way of deflecting the press and prying eyes.

Fans have been speculating for a while now that the pop superstar has been using social media to throw fans off the scent when it comes to her due date and even claimed earlier this month that it appeared the "Formation" had posted an older photo of herself showing off her twins baby bump that she attempted to pass off as new.

What do you think of reports claiming Beyonce is in labor and that she and Jay Z allegedly shut down the entire fifth floor of a Los Angeles hospital and even allegedly moved other patients out of the building?

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