Dental Expert Weighs In On Demi Moore’s Claims That She Lost Her Front Teeth To Stress

Is Demi Moore lying through her teeth when she says she lost her front teeth due to stress? Dental experts don’t think so.

For decades, stress has been linked to hair loss as well as the risk of developing heart disease, but many aren’t aware of its surprising negative impact on teeth.

When Demi Moore appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, she had a shocking revelation to make: stress had caused her teeth to fall out.

Demi Moore confessed to Fallon that she lost her two front teeth while dealing with an incredible amount of stress caused by multiple unpleasant events in her life, including the drowning of a house guest in her pool back in 2015.

As Demi Moore has been fighting tooth and nail in courts to defend herself in the bizarre drowning incident, the extreme stress caused tooth loss, and the actress wants to share what happened to her to prevent stress-induced tooth loss in other people.

Demi Moore wants people to be armed to the teeth to protect themselves from potential side-effects of stress. The actress, 54-years-old, confessed that her pearly white fell out not due to something “cool” like skateboarding, but due to “the biggest killer in America after heart disease” — stress.

“Stress sheared off my front tooth. But, in an effort to get ready for you, I wanted to make sure my teeth were in.”

While Demi Moore clearly had teeth during her appearance on Fallon’s late night talk show, could the actress be lying through her teeth, and was that photo of the toothless Moore photoshopped?

While Demi Moore’s claims seem somewhat far-fetched and surreal, dentists and health experts say stress-induced tooth loss is possible, but it’s as rare as hens’ teeth (pun intended).

Dental experts agree with Demi Moore that stress can really become the cause of tooth loss, but according to the Daily Mail citing Dr. Matthew Messina, a spokesperson for the American Dental Association, it won’t happen overnight.

“This is not going to happen in an instant. People shouldn’t think that because they’re stressed it means their teeth are going to fall out immediately.”

Dr. Messina added that people should listen to their body, as tooth loss – or periodontal disease, as dentists refer to it – usually starts with bleeding gums and tooth pain in the morning.


While stress-induced tooth loss is totally real – and Demi Moore has just opened many people’s eyes on it – there are ways to minimize the negative impact of stress on teeth by avoiding clenching and grinding teeth, which are usually accompanied with stress.

Those who don’t have tooth problems shouldn’t sink their teeth into researching stress-induced tooth loss studies just yet, as there is more to Demi Moore’s bizarre tooth loss case.


As it turns out, Demi Moore has had tooth troubles before, as the actress confessed about losing her front teeth (again!) on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in 2010.

Seven years ago, Demi Moore opened up to DeGeneres about “knocking my own front tooth out” and explained to the talk show host that she was clenching her teeth “maybe a little too tense.”

In her conversation with Fallon this week, Demi Moore used similar language, saying that she “literally knocked it out” when describing how she had lost one of her front teeth.

The following day after Demi Moore’s interview with Fallon aired, Page Six reached out to the 54-year-old actress and she clarified that she had lost her two front teeth, but “they happened a year apart.”

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