Katy Perry Meltdown On Stage: ‘Mk-Ultra’ Monarch Mind Control Allegedly Caused Star’s Collapse

A video footage of Katy Perry allegedly suffering a meltdown and being dragged off stage has recently gone viral, bolstering speculation that the Witness hitmaker is the latest victim of Mk-Ultra Monarch mind control, as reported by Anonymous.

The footage shows Ms. Perry performing “I Kissed A Girl” on stage before exhibiting bizarre behavior in which she rolls her eyes and speaks gibberish just before collapsing. After hitting the floor like a sack of grain, security dragged her off stage as more backup dancers arrived on stage.

Katy Perry under MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control?

According to Vice, the MK-Ultra Monarch mind control conspiracy dictates that Walt Disney Corporation and Teen Nick uses mind control techniques on popular stars in order to monetize and sexualize them. The mind control techniques in question were allegedly developed by the CIA to control citizens, and the Hollywood Industrial complex allegedly adopted the practice so they can easily micromanage their stars. These stars were referred to as “kittens” while their managers and executives were called “handlers.”

The procedures used in administering MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control easily bring to mind George Orwell’s 1984, particularly the manner with which subjects are made compliant and unquestioning by their handlers. MK-Ultra methods supposedly start by subjecting “kittens” to mental and sexual abuse until their core personality breaks down, making it easy for handlers to create an alter persona they can easily manage for their own agenda. The handlers then put their “kittens” through a torturous summer camp program, in which they are made to watch The Wizard of Oz over and over again until blind obedience and submission to their handlers become their main source of happiness. Once the subject turns 18, she undergoes the entire procedure again, eventually turning her into the performer that blindly follows the dictates of the “Big Brother”-like entity that created her.

Was Katy Perry’s meltdown and personality dissociation caused by mind control?

Another Katy Perry video was being discussed and shared by many proponents of the Mk-Ultra conspiracy theory, in which she allegedly revealed signs of typical Monarch mind control split personality. In the interview, Perry breaks down as she opens up about her struggles in reconciling her Katy Perry and Katheryn Hudson (her real name) personas.

Many who are buying into the Mk-Ultra Monarch Mind Control conspiracy theory has made mention of Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears to support their claims. While doctors have attributed Ms. Bynes’ erratic behavior to schizophrenia, there are some who believe that she was the victim of Monarch Mind Control. A portion of the internet also believes that like Amanda, Britney Spears’ 2007 meltdown was a telltale sign that she was also a victim.

It turns out that the video footage of the alleged Katy Perry meltdown occurred back in 2011. The caption accompanying the 2011 YouTube video explains that Katy’s collapse was “all part of the show,” and that she went off stage “for a costume change.”

Do you think Katy Perry’s meltdown on stage shows compelling evidence she was a victim of Mk-Ultra Monarch mind control? Please share your thoughts below.

[Featured Image by Rich Fury/Getty Images]