‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nathan Strikes A Deal With Amy, Sam Hallucinates — When Will Maxie Jones Return?

General Hospital spoilers promise more intrigue, heightened emotions, and a continued quest for the truth. Sam and Jason’s trials are far from over as Helena continues to haunt them from beyond the grave. Nathan is not going to have a peaceful week either since Nurse Amy is intent on getting him involved in her affairs.

Little Man & The Henchman

Spoilers for Thursday’s episode of General Hospital reveal Liz is going to do whatever it takes to keep Jake (Hudson West) safe. With Costa lurking in Port Charles, Jake is definitely in harm’s way. Costa could always use dirty tricks to get to Jake. Jason is not going to let Costa go easily after he tried to harm Jake and everyone else during the Nurses Ball. Spinelli’s (Bradford Anderson) tech knowledge will allow Jason to identify Costa. Given everything that happened, Jason has a gut feeling that Costa is still in town.

Liz will do what she can to keep a close eye on Jake but spoilers reveal that she is not going to recognize Costa. In Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, Jake will spot Costa, and the two are going to have a chat.

Sam’s Hallucinations

GH spoilers tease that Sam (Kelly Monaco) will continue to suffer from hallucinations. There are voices in her head, and things are becoming so alarming that she decided to drop by General Hospital. Despite her hesitations, she will talk to Griffin (Matt Cohen). Based on her symptoms, it won’t be difficult for Griffin to figure out what is happening to her. Knowing what Sam is experiencing and exorcising the voices in her head are two different things, spoilers reveal Sam’s condition will become so serious she is going to harm someone. Jason is on a dangerous mission, and when she hears that her husband is in danger, she will have a mental breakdown.

Jason fears Costa is going to harm his family, and he needs to put an end to Helena’s interference with his life. General Hospital spoilers reveal Jason will face a difficult road ahead. Finally being free of Helena is going to cost him, but he is willing to pay the price to ensure his family’s safety.

Dangerous Connections

Nathan (Ryan Paevey) always had a kind heart and knowing Amy’s (Rita Dorken) struggles will convince him to make a deal with her. Amy needs the money for the Man Landers deal, and she will move Nathan with her story. Amy will be in a celebratory mood because the deal means more money in her account and more excuses to hang out with Nathan. Unfortunately, these two could be in big trouble. General Hospital spoilers hint something is going to go wrong with their plan in next week’s episode.

At the moment, Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) is still in Portland, so Amy is enjoying Nathan’s full attention. Rumor has it that Maxie will be back on General Hospital in about a month. It would be exciting to know how Maxie will react when she finds out Nathan has been helping Amy with her advice column. General Hospital spoilers are heating up, and it would be exciting to know what is happening to Sam and what Jason will learn from Costa.

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