Bella Hadid Fires Tirade At Paparazzi For An Invasion Of Privacy

Earlier this week, Bella Hadid made news, when photographs of herself and model friend Jordan Barrett surfaced online. No doubt, many of Hadid’s fans wondered how those intimate pictures were taken, presuming that they were selfies of some sort. Nothing so simple. The photos were the result of a particularly persistent and intrusive paparazzi and now Bella is calling him out for invading her privacy.

Paparazzi Photos Did Not Uncover A Secret Tryst, Says Bella Hadid

Elle reports that recent pictures of Bella Hadid relaxing inside her New York City apartment weren’t taken from inside the abode at all. While it might have seemed otherwise, images of Ms. Hadid lounging on a sofa and getting close with Jordan Barrett on the balcony were taken from outside the apartment by a unscrupulous photographer.

The unnamed paparazzi took those pictures of Bella and Jordan from hundreds of meters away, utilizing a long-lease camera lens.

Upon finding that the unapproved pictures had been published on the internet, Bella took to Twitter to condemn the invasion of privacy and also to debunk the romance rumors those photographs spawned. Starting out, the model explained that she shared no romantic interest in her fellow model, adding that Barrett, a long-time friend, was more like a brother to her than anything else.

Ms. Hadid added that the controversy started by the photos spoiled a “surprise” interview, implying she and Barrett had been taking the selfies to accompany an upcoming interview with Vanity Fair‘s Derek Blasberg.

Bella Hadid, Jordan Barrett
Bella Hadid dismisses rumors of a romance with Jordan Barrett. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

Bella Hadid Blasts Paparazzi For An Invasion Of Her Privacy

The controversy over her relationship wasn’t the only thing Bella Hadid hoped to dissolve with her Twitter rant. As J-14 reports, the supermodel also took the paparazzi to task for his invasion of her privacy. While he never entered her property, the photographer did violate an expectation of privacy by using a special camera to get interior shot’s of Hadid’s apartment.

“On another note-whoever thinks it’s OK to photograph into someones home & private space is straight up sick, sad & f—ed up. time to move,” tweeted Bella.

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid blasts the paparazzi responsible for invading her privacy. [Image by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images]

Prior to the leaked images, Bella had shared images of herself partying with friends, snacking on pizza, and hitting the local nightclubs. The difference lies in the fact that those images were taken by the model herself. The paparazzi photographer took his images (and shared them) without the consent of Ms. Hadid.

[Featured Image by Antony Jones/Getty Images]