‘Little People, Big World’ Recap: Zach And Tori Discuss C-Section Fears, Bonus Clip Shows Baby J’s Ultrasound

This week’s Little People, Big World episode gave fans a closer look at how Zach and Tori Roloff prepared for baby Jackson’s arrival. In the previous episode, the parents-to-be learned that Baby J would be a little person just like Zach, and now we see how this information is finally sinking in.

As they gear up for Tori’s delivery, another challenge presented itself. Their doctor told them that baby Jackson’s head may be too big for a vaginal birth, and they were told to consider getting a C-section. Amy Roloff had raised this issue in a previous episode of Little People, Big World and now Zach and Tori are finally realizing that a C-section might be a sure possibility.

After hilariously fumbling over their newly acquired hi-tech baby stuff, Zach and Tori turned a bit serious when they finally talked about the pressing matter.

“It’s preferred to have a natural birth. But when you have a large head going through a tiny hole, it could be painful,” Zach explained. Tori, however, held on to her plan of having a normal vaginal birth.

“Cesarian has never really come into my mindset. It’s just nerve-wracking being on an operating table. I’ve never been on an operating table before.”

In the end, Tori conceded that however baby Jackson would decide to come out, she will be ready and prepared. Women, after all, are built to be “stronger than men,” she said.

TLC also gave Little People, Big World fans an adorable bonus clip of how Zach and Tori swooned over baby Jackson during their last ultrasound checkup. It was such a sweet moment between the excited parents-to-be, who lovingly held hands as they admired their little boy.

Upon seeing baby Jackson’s face in the 3D ultrasound, Tori declared that he is gonna be Zach’s mini-me.

“Look at the nose! That is so your nose. He’s got your face. He’s all you.”

The LPBW episode also showed how Matt and Amy Roloff are gearing up to be grandparents. Matt took Zach out for a father-and-son bonding trip, which was basically testing the route going to the hospital. Matt proved to be a fun grandpa as he comically enacted how Tori’s big day would arrive. He gamely put on a fake belly and did a hilarious Tori impersonation–even spilling water on his crotch!

“‘Oh Zach, I think my water broke!’ Now you’re in panic? No. You’re calm,” Matt reminded his son.

“What Zach needs to understand is that it could to be very chaotic.”

Meanwhile, Amy Roloff had a “Grandma Two Bee” shower to celebrate the arrival of her two grandkids this year.

“I want to be a little self-sufficient so I wanted a grandma party and get those things that a grandma may need or want. So when the kids bring over the babies, I’m already prepared and they don’t have to stress out.”

However, as Radar Online reported, Amy’s grandma shower turned out to be more like a bachelorette party. Her friends teased her that she’s a “dating grandma,” and so aside from diapers and strollers, they gave her some sexy lingerie!

Little People, Big World airs every Tuesday, 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]