Proud Mom Of 5 Breaks County Record With Her Super-Sized Baby, Weighing In At Over 13 Pounds

Chrissy Corbitt gave birth to a super-size baby earlier this month. Her baby, Carleigh Brooke, topped the scale at 13 pounds and 5 oz., leaving everyone in the delivery room completely shocked.

According to Inside Edition, during Chrissy’s c-section delivery, the doctor was shocked by Carleigh’s large size. Both the parents and the doctor were expecting a much smaller baby.

The stunned Florida mother couldn’t believe how big her baby was until she saw her with her own eyes. The mom recalls looking at her newborn thinking that she was as large as a toddler. The father remembers feeling completely shocked by his gigantic new daughter.

The nurses had an interesting problem in the nursery. None of the diapers that they had on hand fit the newborn. Typically, they don’t see many babies in the nursery larger than 10 pounds. They had to grab diapers and clothes from the pediatric unit.

Chrissy revealed that her baby skipped newborn and size one diapers and went straight into size 2. Also, all the clothes they purchased for her didn’t fit. They had to run out and buy her a completely different wardrobe as she fit in clothes meant for a 9-month-old baby.

During the mom’s pregnancy, she said her belly kept growing and growing. At one point, Chrissy said her stomach felt so heavy. She remembers feeling like her baby had to be very big, but her doctor and family kept telling her that she would have an average size baby. Boy, were they wrong!

Larry, Chrissy’s husband, acknowledges that the pregnancy wasn’t easy for his wife. While the pain and suffering were well worth it, he called his wife a warrior for carrying their super-size baby.

Larry added that not only is his wife a warrior for carrying and giving birth to his 13-pound baby, but she is a fabulous mother to their four other children. He explained that she always puts the kids’ needs above her own and he loves her for it.

The family has four other children, but the father noted that they saved the biggest gift for last.

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[Featured Image by Gosteva/Shutterstock]