Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra Weigh In On Why Their Spin-Off Series Was Cancelled After One Episode

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been working on their passion project with MTV, Reunited, for a number of months. The reality TV series was set to follow people who had been estranged from family members for whatever reason and wanted to find one another. The project was so important to the couple because they gave up their daughter Carly for adoption when she was only a few months old.

While the series Catelynn Lowell and her husband produced was set to run on a regular time slot, MTV pulled it after one episode, devastating the pair. It aired in December 2016, and although Tyler Baltierra told fans it had great ratings, MTV still canceled it.

Tyler commented on why the show is no longer airing.

“MTV refused [Reunited] because ‘it was too heavy’ even though it rated #2 on cable TV that night. Would you like to see more episodes?”

The Ashley reports that a lot of people found this odd, considering MTV has aired tough topics in the past. This has been included on Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, as well as their True Life series, all of which deal with topics that aren’t necessarily the brightest. In fact, MTV has been credited with helping bring down the teen birth rate in the United States.

Catelynn Lowell and her husband, however, are not letting this setback slow them down. In a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, they were seen meeting with a designer who was set to help them create their own children’s line. The pair named it Tierra Reign, which is a play on their surname, Baltierra, combined with their daughter Nova’s middle name, Reign. They have stated it is important that some of their pieces are created in Michigan so that they can support the industry in their hometown. Their toddler daughter Nova has also been modeling for the company.

Although Reunited didn’t work out, the pair is still hoping to invest in enough money to one day create a foundation that will help pregnant youth. Catelynn Lowell has expressed interest in providing housing options to women under the age of 18 who are pregnant and have nowhere to go. When Catelynn was pregnant with her daughter, Carly, she found it very difficult to be at home, especially after she made the choice to put her up for adoption. She and Tyler hope to call it The Carly House after their daughter, but they have yet to hear from her adoptive parents if they will give their permission for her name to be used.

[Featured Image by Tyler Baltierra/Instagram]