‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For June 15: Eric Fully Turns On Sheila In Order To Try To Protect Quinn

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful have to be ready every single day for what drama will be brought into their homes, and Thursday, June 15, 2017, will be no different. Things are getting very stressful with the entire situation regarding Eric vowing to find out who has been threatening Quinn, and it looks as if his eyes will finally be fully opened. At the same time, Ridge is going to leave Brooke speechless with a memory that they thought had been buried.

Please note that there are possible spoilers ahead for the episode of The Bold and the Beautiful which will air on Thursday, June 15, 2017. If you don’t want to know, then stop reading now.

There is actually a great deal of confusion going on in the world of Eric and Quinn as he is determined to find out who wants her dead. He has found it so difficult to think that anyone would want her dead since she hasn’t really done anything wrong to anyone…lately.

The truth is, Quinn has done a lot of bad things to many people in the past and there are plenty who have wanted her dead. The big question is – Who is this time?

Bold And The Beautiful spoilers june 15 quinn eric sheila ridge
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As Soaphub reported, Quinn may have survived recent events, but she still believes she is in harm’s way, and there is no mistaking that. Eric is content with the way she is and how she thinks, but he wants to keep her safe and that is why his investigation is starting to heat up.

Quinn believes it was Katie who tried to kill her, that is why Eric confronted her so that he could find out the truth. Upon being cleared, Kayla Television reports that Katie is able to convince Eric it is actually Sheila who wants Quinn dead which isn’t proven and could make for even more trouble.

Sheila is no angel, but who really is on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Bold And The Beautiful spoilers june 15 quinn eric sheila ridge
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While the Eric-Quinn-Sheila saga appears to be the main focus of everything on The Bold and the Beautiful, there are other things taking place. Highlight Hollywood reveals that Ridge is going to shock Brooke by mentioning a memory from their past that they both thought had been forgotten.

The (not-so) strange thing here is that it is possible the memory that Ridge brings up has to do with Sheila or her daughter Erica. It all comes around full-circle and Sheila is at the center of it all on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Almost every single day, there are new shocks and new surprises to find out on soap operas such as The Bold and the Beautiful. That means there are more spoilers with each passing day with plenty of people and plenty of drama. Thursday’s episode, though, it has a lot of focus on Quinn, Eric, Sheila, and a gun.

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