‘Y&R’ Alum Corey Sligh Indicted On Two Child Molestation Charges, Allegedly Forced A Child To Touch His Penis

Soap opera star Corey Sligh has been indicted on federal grand jury charges on two counts of child molestation. Sligh allegedly forced an 8-year-old girl to touch his penis with her hand, according to the court documents. Apparently, it is exceedingly rare for child molestation charges to be filed at the federal level, generally only issued when the offenses happen in multiple states.

Former Y&R actor, Corey Sligh was arrested on state child molestation charges in both Florida and Georgia, cases that led to federal charges being filed. The actor, who played a bartender on the CBS soap opera, has denied the claims in both sexual assault cases, Daily Mail reported.

Both of the arrests stem from the same 8-year-old female family member. The first arrest occurred in Georgia in October. The girl told her mother that Corey molested her last Easter. When probed, the child admitted that Sligh touched her multiple times between April and September.

The cops released him on a $22,000 bond after completing an “extensive” interview with the local police.

About a month later, Florida police arrested Sligh when the same family member accused him of molesting her again over the summer. The young girl claims that when she was sleeping in her bed on vacation, Corey snuck into her room and touched her vagina. She added that Sligh allegedly grabbed her hand and forced her to touch his penis.

The girl’s mother said that she asked her daughter if anyone had touched her privates and that’s when she learned that Sligh allegedly touched her daughter over the summer. The child told her mother that she was trying to sleep when Corey entered her room and allegedly sexually assaulted her.

“She stated to [redacted] that he grabbed her hand and tried to touch his penis with her hand but she snatched her hand away. He then pulled her panties down and proceeded to touch her in the vaginal area then started rubbing his penis on her vagina.”

After hearing that the police were looking for him, Sligh turned himself in. The police released him after paying a $99,000 bond and agreeing to wear an ankle bracelet.

The grand jury handed down the indictment on two counts of child molestation. According to TMZ, his arraignment will be held next month. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

Sligh maintains that he is innocent of both charges and it is just a misunderstanding.

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