‘Little People, Big World’ Update: Amy Roloff Having A Hard Time Accepting Ex’s New Girlfriend

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff was recently given a “Grandma Shower” in preparation for the birth of her two grandchildren. While the 52-year-old star was given all the love and attention that she needed, Amy admitted that she is still having a hard time accepting her ex-husband, Matt’s new girlfriend, Caryn.

On the latest episode of Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff had to settle some matters with her ex-husband, Matt, and his new girlfriend, Caryn. Per Radar Online, Amy and Matt were having a hard time coming to terms with the cost of the installation of a sandbox.

To make things worse, Caryn was present during their conversation and was giving out suggestions on how they can settle the issue. Amy did not feel too comfortable letting Caryn join in on their conversation and admitted during the episode of Little People, Big World that she was having a hard time accepting the fact that her close friend and employee is her ex-husband’s new girlfriend.

“It’s a little awkward with someone who works on the farm, is your employee, and also is a friend. It’s like the Twilight Zone! I’m still grappling with that fact.”

This raised speculations that the Little People, Big World star still has not moved on from her ex-husband and that things were not going well between Amy and her boyfriend, Chris. As The Inquisitr reported previously, Amy expressed her insecurities and doubts to Chris, which sparked rumors that Amy and Chris were headed for a breakup.


Amy confronted Chris and asked him whether he was bothered by the fact that she was smaller and what other people might think about them. Chris admitted that these things bothered him at first, but he later on realized that he no longer cares what others think and he has put all of these issues to the past.


Amy is definitely receiving a lot of love not just from Chris, but also from her family and friends. During the same episode of Little People, Big World, the TLC reality star received sexy items as her closest friends treated her to a lavish “Grandma Shower.”

The celebration was spent in the same fashion as a Bachelorette party wherein the celebrant is given a handful of sexy items to welcome her new married life. In Amy’s case, her friends figured that it would be nice to welcome her new chapter in life with Chris and as a grandmother to two babies and move on from her past challenges and difficulties.

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