Abby Lee Miller's Former Student Speaks Out, Says 'She's An Evil B***h' And 'I'm Glad She's Going To Jail'

Abby Lee Miller quickly learned who her friends were when she found out she was headed to prison for a year and a day following her infamous bankruptcy fraud trial -- and they weren't her students or the mothers from Lifetime's Dance Moms.

Recently, a former student and competitor on the spin-off series, Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, made a 20-minute video discussing her experience on the show. The short-lived series functioned similarly to other dance competition shows, except in this one, Abby helped them choreograph dances, taught classes, judged the children, and then at the end, offered some a spot on her infamous Abby Lee Dance Company competition team.

Gianna Newborg, who competed on the series in 2013 with Kalani Hilliker and JoJo Siwa, both of whom became permanent fixtures on Dance Moms, recently got pretty real and raw with her experience. Gianna stated that she was the only dancer to have gotten on the show by applying through the website; everyone else heard about the casting call from their agency. She also spilled that Kalani Hilliker was cocky and that JoJo Siwa was incredibly obnoxious, however, both girls are working steadily in the industry, and JoJo has now purchased a house in Los Angeles.

Gianna dished on Abby Lee Miller as well, saying that although she didn't get incredibly involved in the choreography, she was an "evil b***h." According to Gianna, if Abby liked you, your life was made incredibly easy. However, since Abby wasn't a fan of Gianna, she often ripped her apart and made her feel really badly about herself. Gianna stated that she lost a lot of confidence in her abilities as a dancer after participating on the show and that it took her almost four years to crawl out of the funk that Abby helped put her in.

She also revealed that she is happy that Abby Lee Miller is going to prison because she is such a nasty woman. According to Gianna, Abby was also very disrespectful to her mother, Cindy, and said she would love to go on the series at her age now and give Abby a piece of her mind.

Gianna also stated that she met all of the girls from Dance Moms, aside from Paige and Brooke Hyland, and that they were all very sweet.

Abby Lee Miller will be headed to prison at the end of this month, where she hopes to use her time focusing on new material and a new scripted TV show about dance.

See Gianna dish about her experience below.


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