‘The Mist’ TV Show: Cast Talks About Characters, EP Teases Town Blinded By Fear, Looking For Somebody To Blame

The Mist will premiere on Spike TV later this month. To prepare viewers for what to expect, the cast discussed their characters in several featurette clips. Also, the executive producer teased in an interview that the town of Bridgeville will have more issues than the mysterious fog that engulfs the community. The residents all seem to have issues, struggles, and at least one will be running from her past. Christian Torpe revealed that the town is blinded by fear and want someone to blame. Expect to see elements such as misogyny and homophobia in the series.

Spoiler TV posted several featurettes for The Mist, each giving viewers a glimpse into a character. The executive producer also teased what to expect. For one, the show will be centered in a small town, which is a common setting in Stephen King’s stories.

First up is Eve Copeland, played by Alyssa Sutherland. She was a “wild child” when she was younger. Even though she is a grown woman now with a child of her own, certain Bridgeville residents will never let her forget her past. Some even make judgmental comments to her about it.

Kevin Copeland is portrayed by Morgan Spector. In The Mist, the character’s life revolves around his wife and daughter. In a character profile video clip, the actor explained that Kevin is a former journalist who now writes children’s books. Spector reveals that when someone makes others the center of their world and sacrifices everything for them, it is possible for one to lose themselves. This is what has happened with Kevin.

Gus Birney plays the role of Alex Copeland. The young actress reveals that Eve keeps her daughter on a short leash. When a teenage boy invites Alex to a party, her mother firmly says that her daughter is not old enough to attend parties. Considering Eve’s past, she is probably afraid of her daughter making bad choices and ending up with the same reputation as Eve. Birney explained that in some ways, Alex is a typical 16-year-old girl. She is insecure and wants to fit in. However, a lot of things that happen to her in The Mist will change Alex.

There are many other characters in the television series, each with their own characteristics, personality, strengths, weaknesses, and issues. It was previously stated that unlike the film, the TV show would focus on several groups of people. They will all have different reactions to the dangerous fog, which intensifies the hate, fear, and judgment they have in regards to their friends, family, and neighbors.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Christian Torpe discussed The Mist TV show.

“Unfortunately, I thought it was incredibly timely to do a show about what people do when they are blinded by fear. We look around at what’s going on in the world, and everyone is constantly looking for someone to blame, or someone to lead them to the promised land. They find people to hate, either because of their gender or race or faith. Those are elements we tap into — how fear drives things like misogyny and homophobia.”

Spike TV will air The Mist season premiere on June 22.

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