‘Fallout 4 VR’ Announced, Bethesda Creation Club’s Paid Mods May Concern Gamers

Bethesda announced Fallout 4 VR, which is slated for October. With the miraculous world of virtual reality upon us, many video game manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon to partake in VR hardware platforms such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. This could usher in a new perspective when it comes to immersing oneself into open-world gaming. The two platforms that Bethesda is aiming for will be the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, according to a report by Polygon.

New E3 2017 Bethesda Trailer

A preview for Fallout 4 VR debuted at the 2017 E3 Expo and with it a brief walkthrough of the world of post-apocalyptic Boston.

You could actually see the interactivity with objects like weapons and power armor. However, several questions main, including how the Vault 111 wanderer would be able to cross the terrain, battle enemies, and so on with the controllers. Not many details were revealed at E3, but PC Advisor speculated that further information, such as a release date, could come to light at Gamescom this August.

Since some players already own and have played Fallout 4 all the way through, do you think the VR version can entice them to try it out? Could it be a gateway to other VR experiences?

As you can see, it doesn’t look too different from the previous Fallout 4, but it gives you an idea of what to look forward to this October.

Bethesda’s New Creation Club Raises Concern

There could also be an issue regarding the Fallout 4 mods community. Bethesda announced its new Creation Club at the 2017 E3 Expo. Back in 2015, it was announced that paid Skyrim mods would soon be available, but that was eventually scrapped, according to Kotaku. People seemed quite divisive on whether one should pay for quality mods, but quite a few gamers were in an uproar about them doing away with the paid ones.

The new trailer for Creation Club was met with disdain in the comments section, and now there is speculation in the Fallout 4 and Skyrim community regarding paid mods yet again. However, this concern could be put to rest following an in-depth analysis made by Gamasutra.

This time, there is a difference between the recent announcement and that of the 2015 announcement. The publication pointed out that these mods would be pitched to and curated by Bethesda. Also, the content/mod developers would be able to set a price, receive a portion of the revenue, and allow for developers to sell mods that had at one time been free.

That said, would gamers consider signing up for Bethesda’s Creation Club? Would it not make sense that the developers deserve the earnings?

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]