Selena Gomez In ‘Bad Liar’ Rocks Blonde Look, Did A Super-Fan Convince Gomez To Make The Change?

Selena Gomez’ “Bad Liar” blonde hair has Twitter blowing up over the sultry siren look. Gomez teased the Farrah Fawcett look before her “Bad Liar” release, but fans weren’t expecting the incredible difference the ash-blonde wig makes to Selena’s appearance. It’s sexy, seductive, and it works magic for the “It Ain’t Me” singer.

Blonde Selena is just one of the four characters, including a man, that she plays in the video, and it just might be the best. Managing all four of the different roles, with completely different beauty looks for each one, is part of Selena’s joke that she actually “legit” is an all-around bad liar.

Stylecaster wrote that while Selena Gomez’s liar skills might not be all that well developed, she is a gorgeous, “great blonde.”

Fans are beginning to wonder if their favorite singer could pull a Kylie Jenner and keep the new hair color for a while. After all, Jenner changes her hair like most people change their jewelry, and it’s always worked for her, including the bright green gamble a couple of years back.

Selena Gomez’s fantastic signature brunette tresses are a hair goal for a lot of fans who probably never even considered how her appearance would change with a different color.

The speculation about why Gomez decided to shock fans and switch up her hair color suggests that it all comes down to a super-fan who did some Photoshop experimentation last summer. The fan posted several pics of Selena with different hair styles and colors to see what she’d look like without the shiny, perfect brunette locks.

Selena Gomez might be a bad liar but she has goal-inspiring hair.
Selena Gomez might be a bad liar but she has goal-inspiring hair. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

Blonde Selena Gomez really stood out in the array of pics, and Teen Vogue wrote that the “Come and Get It” singer could have agreed with fans that it was a good hair color for her. But she didn’t stop at changing the color of her tresses.

The whole style is different, from the fabulous smooth waves of the wig to the old-movie glamor look that puts Selena right into company with Fawcett, Marilyn Monroe, and other bombshell blondes.

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Rolling Stone wrote that Gomez plays a teenager, a hot gym teacher, a creepy guy who flirts with the blonde bombshell and turns out to be the teen’s father, and the mom. Bad liars abound as all four try to keep their secrets.

People are totally in love with Gomez as the hot gym teacher. One fan said she’s so shook by Selena having a crush on blonde Selena.

Another person tweeted simply that she’s living for Selena Gomez right now.

What do you think? Should Selena Gomez update her look to bombshell blonde?

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