Jinger Duggar Photo Has Fans Debating Whether She’s Pregnant Or Too Skinny

Jinger Duggar is wearing her favorite style of tight pants in a new photo, and some fans think that she looks way too thin. However, others are convinced that she is pregnant and trying to hide a baby bump.

Another social media photo of Jinger Duggar wearing pants is causing a stir. Duggar fans completely freaked out a few weeks ago when the Counting On star was first photographed sporting a pair of sophisticated women’s trousers, but she hasn’t been spotted wearing a similar style of pants since April 18. This was when Jeremy Vuolo shared a photo of his wife rocking a pair of black slacks.

Jinger Duggar has now embraced wearing a different style of pants that don’t go against her family’s strict dress code: leggings. As the Inquisitr previously reported, her parents warn their daughters against wearing pants because they believe that God “detests” women who do so. However, Duggar girls are allowed to wear leggings, as long as they wear a skirt or dress over them. This is what Jinger is doing in a recent Instagram photo that was snapped outside of her pastor husband’s church in Laredo, Texas. Jeremy Vuolo’s parents were visiting, and she wanted to commemorate the occasion.


Jinger’s happy family photo sparked a major fan debate over her appearance. Many of her Instagram followers expressed concern about her weight.

“So happy for you both….Jinger looks too tiny. Jeremy…..please be aware. Lovely but a little concerned about Jingers health and weight,” wrote one fan.

“Jinger looks too skinny here!” commented another.

Some fans fired back by arguing that Jinger Duggar is just naturally petite, but others had a completely different response; they claimed that a baby bump is visible beneath her dark blue dress.

“I’ve noticed the bump in several pictures and u can see it a little in this by the way the dress slightly elevates where the baby bump would be,” observed one of the Counting On star’s followers.

“She looks SO pregnant here,” commented another.


Many fans likely assume that Jinger must be pregnant because no Duggar daughter has gone this long without making a pregnancy announcement after her wedding. Jessa Duggar used to hold the family record; she and Ben Seewald announced that they were expecting their first child almost six months after they tied the knot, as reported by People. It’s been over seven months since Jinger and Jeremy got married.

During the season premiere of Counting On, Joy-Anna Duggar teased that Jinger might have some big baby news to share before Jill Duggar gives birth next month. However, no pregnancy announcement has yet been made.

“We have gotten a lot of questions,” was all that Jeremy would say about the pregnancy speculation.

While he was talking to the Counting On cameras, his wife poked him in the cheek and let out a groan.

While some Duggar fans are baby-obsessed, others are more focused on her recent fashion choices. They keep praising her ability to pick out stylish clothing items like the trendy LuLaRoe dress below.


Jinger Duggar’s sisters all agree that she’s the fashionista of the family, and there’s a reason her style has evolved in recent years. As Joy-Anna explained during the Counting On season premiere, the Duggar girls used to have a communal closet, but this changed after Jill and Jessa got married and moved out. The remaining three adult girls were then allowed to start buying clothing that they didn’t have to share.

The baby bump debate will continue to rage on until Jinger Duggar finally reveals whether or not she’s pregnant, but at least most of her fans seem to agree on one thing: They love her new look.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook]