‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Nicole Refuses To Sign New Adoption Papers – New ‘B&B’ Promo Video!

New Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from this week’s soap magazines reveal a Lizzy Forrester custody shocker. B&B fans knew trouble was boiling ever since Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) told Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) that he made a mistake on Lizzy’s adoption papers. That error, combined with Nicole Avant’s (Reign Edwards) infertility diagnosis, laid the groundwork for a battle over the baby. According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Opera Digest, the fight starts next week.

Who are Lizzy’s parents?

While Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise a fight over the adorable baby, some B&B fans seem to be confused over who Lizzy’s biological parents are and who has the rights to the cute little kiddo. Lizzy’s biological parents are Rick and Nicole. Nicole’s egg was used to create Lizzy, and Rick’s sperm fertilized her egg. Since Maya Avant Forrester (Karla Mosley) is transgender, she has no ovaries.

We saw from Bold and the Beautiful history that Nicole carried the baby and delivered the little girl. At the time of birth, Nicole and Rick were Lizzy’s parents. Then Carter prepared legal papers for Nicole to sign her rights to the baby away. Nicole signed, and then Maya adopted the baby – or so we thought. It turns out Carter screwed up the papers, so Maya has no rights to her daughter. Nicole has all the parental power.


Nicole refuses to sign new papers

Upcoming Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise that Carter prepares new adoption papers, and Rick and Maya ask Nicole to sign the new documents. Rick and Maya are shocked when Nicole says “no” to their request. This week’s B&B episodes focus on Quinn Fuller Forrester’s (Rena Sofer) shooter and the return of lunatic Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), but next week, the custody case takes center stage.

New Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps for next week say a legal issue becomes a bone of contention between the sisters. We now know it’s the adoption papers that spark the sister’s feud. Nicole has been aggressive with Maya over leaving Lizzy to pursue fame. When Lizzy called Nicole “Mama,” it intensified. Nicole found a sympathetic ear in their father, Julius Avant (Obba Babatunde).


Avant family civil war brewing

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are clear that any time battle lines emerge between Nicole and anyone, Julius always takes Nicole’s side. Baby Lizzy is no exception. Since Nicole can’t carry a biological child of her own, Julius will urge his youngest daughter to keep Lizzy since she can’t have another kid. However, this is cruel to Maya, who has been Lizzy’s adoptive mother since birth and loves the baby.

B&B spoilers say Vivienne Avant (Anna Maria Horsford) is more reasonable and doesn’t want the family torn apart over Lizzy. Vivi believes that there’s hope for Nicole to bear another child and they should pray and pursue medical options rather than Nicole take back the baby she gave her sister. Rick will be stunned that Maya could lose custody of their daughter and is deeply shaken by all of this.


Zende and Rick caught between sisters

It’s true that Zende Forrester (Rome Flynn) wasn’t thrilled when Nicole agreed to be Rick and Maya’s surrogate, but he got past it and they married. But now, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise Zende has some serious thinking to do. He didn’t like Nicole having his cousin’s child, and now he must consider whether he wants that baby to be in their lives full-time with them sharing custody.

Rick’s parental rights are secure, reveal new Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, because he is Lizzy’s biological dad, but this could also fracture the Forrester family. Everyone loves baby Lizzy, but if Nicole doesn’t sign the papers, only a court battle might restore Maya’s adoptive parental rights. Will Maya take her sister to court to try and take Lizzy? How far will this fight go before it ends?


Is a happy ending possible?

Fans know from past Bold and the Beautiful spoilers that the CBS soap usually finds a resolution before things blow sky high. B&B likes to build, build, build, and then defuse without an explosion, and this could happen here too. The sisters could get all the way to a court battle, but then Nicole mysteriously turns up pregnant with Zende’s child and then signs the adoption papers on the spot.

Check back for more on this impending battle of baby Lizzy from the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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