Jobless Single Father Allegedly Refuses To Work, Forces Son To Live In Appalling, Filthy Conditions

A single father to a 5-year-old boy stands accused of forcing his son to live in unclean conditions because he believed that “the Lord would provide for him.” According to Mirror, the single dad refused to work or file for welfare benefits, as he believed that God would take care of them.

The father, who reportedly often smoked marijuana in front of his child, allegedly turned a two-bedroom apartment into an unsafe living quarters for the boy. It was so bad that he was arrested for child cruelty in front of his child.

Even though he believed that God would provide for them, his family wasn’t so sure. After his relative visited his home, they allegedly alerted the police about the vile and disgusting condition of the home.

His family’s report wasn’t the first report they had on the single father either. Apparently, the boy’s school called social services after he kept coming to school exhausted, dirty, and without socks.

The court heard and saw how filthy the home was when the police arrived to arrest the 36-year-old father. The boy didn’t have anywhere to sleep, and the dad left dog feces all over the house and refused to pick it up. In the refrigerator, the only food was a carton of milk and spoiled fruit. Also, there was a lack of soap, toothbrush, or shampoo in the bathroom.

The father admitted that he felt overwhelmed with the demands of being a single dad and accepted the mess throughout the house as “normal.”

His sister revealed that she visited the home often and would clean up the dog messes and cook for him, but her brother refused to keep the home clean.

She explained that there was one room in the apartment that she couldn’t go in because the smell of dog feces was overpowering.

She told the court that she bought food and cooked a roast dinner for her brother. However, when she returned the following week, she discovered he never washed the dishes, and the place was a mess again.

Her daughter noted that when she visited, one of the dogs climbed onto her lap, and she was bitten by fleas. She added that her uncle was always smoking marijuana and “seemed high” most of the time.

The school reported that the child was “smelly” and there were obvious concerns about his well-being at home. When the father was confronted about the school’s concerns about his child, he became defensive and stated he would withdraw him from the school.

The story is still developing, but it isn’t looking good for the single father.

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