Coke Zero Is Being Discontinued And Replaced With Coke No Sugar: Here Is Where It’s No Longer Available

If you’re a Coke Zero drinker, you’re about to be in for a huge disappointment because it is being discontinued in a lot of countries around the world. Coca-Cola is indeed getting rid of Coke Zero in most places and replacing it with a brand new beverage called Coke No Sugar, which supposedly took them five years to develop. The fourth sugar-free or low-sugar version of Coke is something they hoped would boost sales, but some people are already freaking out.

According to the Sun, Coke Zero is joining the ranks of Coke with Stevia, the 1982 version of Diet Coke, and the 2006 version of Coke Zero as those that have been discontinued. The Coke in the black can will remain on the shelves for a while alongside Coke No Sugar before disappearing from stores.

More than 2 million samples of Coke No Sugar will be given out in the coming months to help with promotion, but Coca-Cola has something else up its sleeve. The company insists that this new no-sugar version tastes exactly the way its original Coke drink tastes.

Considering Coke has insane amounts of sugar in it, that is quite the statement, one they’ll need to live up to or suffer an incredible amount of backlash.

Coke No Sugar was already being tested in a number of overseas markets, which means that the replacement has already gone into effect. The Daily Meal is reporting that these countries have already lost Coke Zero.

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Australia
  • The Netherlands

South Africa will be making the change later this year, but according to the Daily Edge, there are no plans to get rid of Coke Zero in Ireland.

CNBC is reporting that Coca-Cola has no plans to get rid of or discontinue Coke Zero in the United States at any time. One can only believe that to be true for so long; if sales of Coke No Sugar go up and sales for Coke Zero drop, the complete switch will be made.

People are not always good with change even though many of them want something new and different. On the other hand, taking away a product that millions of people love is going to cause a lot of anger and frustration. Coca-Cola is always looking for new ways to boost sales, and Coke No Sugar may do just that. However, taking away and discontinuing Coke Zero in some countries is only going to result in some lost customers.

[Featured Image by George Frey/Getty Images]