Christian Facebook Page Threatens To Ban Any Followers Posting Rainbow Pride Emojis, Chaos Ensues

Facebook pages can be controlled and run in any manner that the creators see fit, but that isn't going to stop other people from posting on them as they choose. The Christian Facebook page "Warriors For Christ" took it upon themselves to let all their followers know that if they posted a rainbow pride emoji, they would be banned. It may be needless to say, but the Internet took hold of things from this point, and the page is now colored in rainbows.

According to Patheos, the Christian Facebook page decided to post a status earlier this week that simply stated, "A rainbow emoji will get you instantly banned from our page."

It was posted in all capital letters to get the emphasis and point across, but it really ended up having the complete opposite effect they likely desired.

It could just be that the administrators weren't thrilled with the number of rainbows they were seeing all over the place at the time, but you don't tell the Internet not to do something. You certainly don't tell them not to post rainbow emojis right in the middle of Pride Month.

This has led to as many rainbows as possible from Christians, non-Christians, and just about everyone.

Their Facebook page has been bombarded with rainbow emojis, rainbow memes, and pictures of rainbows. With each new emoji or rainbow post, the admins of the page attempt to respond and let them know that "Jesus Loves You!"

Warriors for Christ have also started making "public service announcements" to let followers know where they stand with this whole thing.

"Despite all the lies and false accusations here we are not being hateful to any person. We also will not back down from proclaimimg truth of God's word.Sin is sin period. Sin results in eternal seperation from God. Despite your lack of understanding of love, we here love everyone enough to speak the truth even in the face of so much hate.So we speak the truth that sin leads to death, but we have a savior that can set one free from sin and give them a new life in Christ."

The LGBTQ community and its supporters will continue to flood their page with rainbows as long as the Warriors for Christ continue to try and speak against them. Even once Pride Month is over, this will be a never ending battle.

Warriors for Christ are allowed to run and monitor their Facebook page and Twitter account the way they see fit, but that doesn't mean others have to like it. Trying to ban rainbow emojis from being posted during Pride Month is the best way to not only lose thousands of followers but also have your pages bombarded with every color imaginable. Christian or not, the people of the Internet are not going to stand for censorship, and they'll let you know it.

[Featured Image by Zach Gibson/Getty Images]