Charlie Sheen’s New Girlfriend Julia Stambler Is Reportedly A Close Friend Of His Ex-Wife Brooke Mueller

Charlie Sheen is reportedly dating the best friend of his former wife, Brooke Mueller.

According to a new report, Charlie Sheen, who went public with his HIV diagnosis in 2016, has been dating Julia Stambler for the past four months. Despite her ties to Mueller, Stambler is said to be a good match for the often troubled actor.

“[Charlie Sheen] hasn’t done drugs in over one and a half years,” a source close to Stambler revealed to Radar Online on June 14.

Following his HIV diagnosis, the outlet revealed, Charlie Sheen was reportedly cared for by his parents in a secret detox program in an effort to put an end to his downward spiral. Now, however, the actor is reportedly taking experimental medication to treat the disease, and because of the medication, he is unable to drink or party.

As the insider explained, Charlie Sheen is taking part in an FDA study for the treatment of HIV, and if his numbers were to increase, he’d be kicked out of the study.

As for Charlie Sheen’s relationship with Julia Stambler, who is 25 years his junior, the insider claimed the couple has continued to be there for one another in recent months and noted that Stambler considers Sheen to be her soulmate. She’s even okay with Sheen’s HIV diagnosis.

According to the report, Julia Stambler has gone to the doctor and learned a lot about the disease. She’s also using contraception and taking prophylactic medication.

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Julia Stambler and Brooke Mueller have reportedly been friends for years, and while Mueller hasn’t yet spoken publicly about Stambler’s romance with Charlie Sheen, the insider said she was “fine” with the relationship. In fact, she’d rather Sheen be dating Stambler than a “bimbo, prostitute, hooker, or porn star,” the source explained.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller got married in 2008 and divorced in 2011. The former couple shares 8-year-old twin boys Bob and Max.

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The Radar Online source went on to reveal that Julia Stambler loves Charlie Sheen and said the couple had been friends for a long time before their romance began. The insider also stated that Stambler comes from a good family and isn’t after the actor’s money.

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