Popular Series ‘Cash Cab’ Set To Return On The Discovery Channel With Host Ben Bailey

Comedian Ben Bailey is back behind the wheel in New York with the Emmy-Award winning series, Cash Cab. According to Deadline Hollywood, Bailey hosted Discovery’s original Cash Cab series from 2005 to 2012. Bailey originally hosted over 200 episodes during that time, and in the process, he won four Emmy Awards for Outstanding Game Show Host for Cash Cab. Fans of Cash Cab and Bailey won’t have to wait too long for the series to return since the show is currently in production and scheduled to air later in 2017.

“Holy #%$&!! Cash Cab is back!!! HUGE thanks to all the fans who pushed for the show (and for me) to come back! Never before has a comedian been so happy to go back to driving a cab. OMG I think I left the meter running!”

Bailey is obviously very excited to be back in the driver’s seat as Cash Cab returns to surprise unsuspecting passengers. All who enter the Cash Cab will never forget what could possibly become a very lucrative ride as they dodge the New York City traffic. There will be a new spin to the game, as well, when some of the lucky passengers may be joined by a guest celebrity. According to The Hollywood Reporter, stars from comedy, film, and TV may get behind the wheel of the cab itself as they pick up unsuspecting passengers.

For those unfamiliar with the show, the potential Cash Cab contestants enter the taxi driven by Bailey. Based on what occurred during the previous seasons of Cash Cab, once passengers say where they want to go, there are flashing lights and music, followed by Bailey’s greeting. Now aware that they are no longer in a regular cab, passengers are asked if they want to play. Those who decline can get out of the taxi, but if they decide to play, they stay in the taxi until they reach their destination or get three strikes. This rule will still be in effect for the new season of Cash Cab.


The basic idea of Cash Cab was for passengers (who were now contestants) to answer a series of questions asked by Bailey as he drove them toward their destination. The first four questions were worth $50, the next four questions double in value and were worth $100, and questions after that were worth $200. Every time a contestant answered a question incorrectly they received a strike, and if they received three strikes, Bailey pulled over, and they had to exit the cab.

In order to avoid the strikes, contestants received two “Shout Outs,” that can help them answer a difficult question. On this season of Cash Cab, contestants can reach out via phones, texts, or social media. Previously, the Mobile Shout-Out allowed them to call someone they knew for help, and they had 15 seconds to receive an answer. The Street Shout-Out involved Bailey pulling over the taxi, and contestants then asked someone on the street for help with a tough question.

Whenever the Cash Cab taxi stopped at a red light and contestants had at least $200, they got to play the “Red Light Challenge.” Bailey gave the Cash Cab contestants a question that had more than one correct answer, and they could win $250 if they were able to give all the correct answers in 30 seconds. If they were unable to answer correctly, they weren’t penalized with a strike. Some seasons of Cash Cab had more than one Red Light Challenge per game, but the contestants had to have at least $1,000 in order to play another challenge.

Once contestants reached their destination without getting three game-ending strikes, they had a choice to leave with the money they won or risk it all on a “Video Bonus” question. If they decided to play, they had to correctly answer a question based on a video clip. Their money doubled if they answered correctly, but if they were wrong, they lost it all.


In addition to hosting Cash Cab, Ben Bailey’s has appeared in two Comedy Central specials, as well as his first one-hour special currently streaming on Netflix titled Road Rage and Accidental Ornithology. Bailey has kept busy, making appearances on 30 Rock, Parenthood, Law & Order, MADtv, and more. He also tours the country regularly performing standup and is the host of the popular podcast, Tall But True. His second one-hour special, Ben Bailey: Live and Uncensored, is available on Amazon and at TheRealBenBailey.

Variety shared that Cash Cab is produced for Discovery Channel by All3Media’s Lion USA and Norton Productions. The comedian and Curb Your Enthusiasm director, David Steinberg serves as the executive producer for Cash Cab. For All3 Media’s USA, Tony Tackaberry and Allison Corn are executive producers, and for Norton Productions, Robyn Todd is co-executive producer. John Slaughter is the executive producer for the Discovery Channel.

Did you watch Cash Cab and are you excited for the show’s return? Leave your thoughts, comments, and opinions concerning Cash Cab below. Check back for updates as to when Cash Cab will air on the Discovery Channel.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]