Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi’s Broken Marriage, ‘There’s No Turning Back,’ Divorce Inevitable

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi have been fighting rumors that the pair were breaking up for a while. However, a source close to the pair recently weighed in to In Touch Weekly,saying that the couple are unfortunately definitely headed for a split.

“It’s happening. She and Portia are breaking up. Portia’s ring has been off for a while now, and though she would occasionally slip it on to show Ellen she was trying, that’s over now… There’s no turning back. It’s just a matter of time before the whole world knows.”

The beloved talk show host has been seen several times out and about without her ring, sparking speculation that there is trouble in paradise for one of the world’s favorite couples.

The insider dished that Ellen DeGeneres was always the leader of the relationship and Portia de Rossi was tired of living in her shadow. The actress wanted to continue to develop her career, but she felt as though being with Ellen made it impossible for her to do that. The insider also stated that Ellen’s behavior is “controlling” and that she needs to get away from her before she “snaps.”

Last month, the pair were also caught on camera getting into a nasty argument publicly in Los Angeles.


It’s been reported that Ellen is doing everything she can to keep Portia from leaving her, but it seems that whatever Ellen DeGeneres is doing isn’t working as she’s set to walk.

The insider who reported to In Touch Weekly stated that Ellen DeGeneres would likely settle for several million dollars with Portia when they head for splitsville so that she doesn’t head to the press to trash her. Ellen’s brand is cheery and wholesome, and Portia might have the power to totally destroy it, which would be an absolute disaster for her.


According to another insider who spoke to Radar Online, the problem isn’t just Ellen DeGeneres’ controlling behavior, but also because she often drinks. Although this isn’t the issue currently, the couple has struggled with it in the past. However, Ellen is adamant that she does not drink when she’s working.

The source who spoke to Radar Online also revealed that Ellen DeGeneres is trying very hard to keep the pair together, and has even splashed out on elaborated vacations that Portia has declined to go on because she is simply ready to call it quits.

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