‘The Big Bang Theory’: Kaley Cuoco Dishes On Show’s Success

The Big Bang Theory is currently one of the most popular shows on television. The series, which is beloved by millions, has had its ups and downs, but it has stayed at the top of the ratings for years. Now, as the show gets ready to enter Season 11, actress Kaley Cuoco revealed what makes the comedy so special.

According to Pop Culture, Kaley Cuoco recently opened up about The Big Bang Theory‘s success during a new episode of Actors On Actors. The actress, who plays Penny on the show, sat down with Blackish star Anthony Anderson to dish on the series.

Cuoco credits the show’s success to the lovable characters. The actress claims that all the characters of have been underdogs, and fans always want to root for each of them. Kaley’s words ring true. Each character on The Big Bang Theory is an underdog in one way or another. Sheldon, Raj, Leonard, Amy, and Howard may all be geniuses, but they’re social skills leave something to be desired. Meanwhile, Penny is a gorgeous blonde who couldn’t make it as an actress, and she is now living a completely different life than the life of her dreams. Her best friends have brilliant minds and budding careers, and she’s left without either of those things. Yet, Penny brings a lot of heart, humor, and excitement to the group.

The Big Bang Theory going strong after 10 seasons.
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“Our characters have always been lovable. They were the underdogs from day one, and people fell quickly in love with them and wanted them to win, wanted them to do well.”

Of course, The Big Bang Theory wouldn’t be what it is today without the outstanding writers. Kaley Cuoco credits them all, especially Chuck Lorre, for having the talent and skill to keep the show going and funny 11 seasons in.

As for the cast, Kaley reveals that they’re more like family than co-workers. They’re all great friends, which makes working together especially easy and fun. Cuoco, who previously dated her on-screen husband, actor Johnny Galecki, says that the entire cast knows what a “big deal” the show is, and they absolutely love being able to work on the show together.

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“We really like each other. It is such a family. You see the relationships on-screen and it comes off to people. Like I said, they fell in early on with these four guys, and wanted them to get the girl and wanted them to get the job. It made science kinda sexy, and it kind of changed things around a bit. We have a lot of fun, we know it’s a big deal. We love being there.”

What are your thoughts on Kaley Cuoco’s comments about the success of The Big Bang Theory? Do you agree with her feelings about the show?

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