Former Member Of The Wyatt Family Puts An End To A Streak That Has Lasted For Quite A Long Time

One of the most popular superstars on SmackDown Live has been totally buried in the last couple of months, but this former member of The Wyatt Family broke a huge streak on Tuesday. Luke Harper was on his way to being in the main event of WrestleMania 33, but then he just disappeared. Now, he’s lower than the mid-card on Tuesday nights, but fans are still up in arms that he decided to change up his very long Twitter routine.

It may not seem like a big deal to some people, but WWE superstars do rely heavily on social media to gain attention and even further storylines. Some are very active on Twitter and Instagram, while others just post now and then to keep their accounts active.

Luke Harper falls into the former category but in a unique way.

Since Halloween night of last year, Luke Harper began tweeting out the day of the week followed up by “You know what that means.” The cryptic tweets have not really gone anywhere on WWE television, but he’s done it religiously for the last six and a half months. He’s done it the same way every single day until now, as caught by Cageside Seats.

Fantasia Film Festival.

—. (@LukeHarperWWE) June 14, 2017

He completely shattered the Twitter streak with an advertisement for the movie Mohawk, which will premiere at the Montreal Film Festival. Don’t worry, though, as he was right back to his normal routine on Wednesday without explanation or hesitation.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the movie Mohawk stars Luke Harper (real name Jonathan Huber), Kaniehtio Horn, and Eamon Farren from Twin Peaks. It tells the tale of two Mohawk warriors and their British lover who are being chased by military renegades out for murderous revenge.

Maybe, just maybe, this will get him moving back up in the title picture in WWE.

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Luke Harper is going to star in Mohawk alongside a number of big-time actors, and the film will premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival later this year, but he’s a WWE superstar first. Unfortunately for the fans of SmackDown Live, Harper has fallen back down the ladder and in a huge fashion since heading into WrestleMania 33. At least for the time being, everyone following him can be happy he’s returned to his old ways on Twitter.

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