‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Will Chad And Gabi Have A Shot At A Real Relationship?

Days of Our Lives spoilers are in for the day, and it looks like Steve might get the shocker of his life — again. Spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry state that Steve will finally find out who has been behind the targeting of Adrienne.

Fans will see Steve have a run in with Anjelica Deveraux (Morgan Fairchild). It’s sure to be a huge moment for any Days of Our Lives viewer. After all, Morgan Fairchild only gets to make her debut as Anjelica once. Longtime fans of the show won’t want to miss out on this confrontation.

Previously, Anjelica Deveraux was played by three different actresses throughout the character’s run on the soap. The last person to play her was Shelley Taylor Morgan, who took her bow as Anjelica back in 1991. The character made its debut on Days of Our Lives back in 1987, when actress Jane Elliot portrayed her.

On the other side of Days of Our Lives spoilers, things heat up for Chad and Gabi. As Days of Our Lives fans know, there’s a group of characters stuck on an island, and everyone is slowly losing it. The most interesting development to come from this plot is the back and forth relationship between Chad and Gabi. It looks like they’re finally going to follow their intuition after all of these months waiting to see if they were going to give things a proper try.

The last time Chad and Gabi faced death, they confronted their obvious attraction, as the two admitted to having feelings for one another. It cost them major turmoil once they got out of the meat locker. However, now that they’re left for dead on the island, they probably don’t think they’re going to see Salem or their loved ones ever again. With this in mind, the two decide to discuss their future, which most Days of Our Lives viewers could see coming from a mile away.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state the two will talk about how their paths always seem to collide, especially when danger looms. The two are understandably tired of their back and forth and wonder if they can actually have a real relationship outside of their very dramatic near-death experiences. If they end up surviving being stranded on an island, it sounds like they may get a chance to build on their love once again.

Do you think Chad and Gabi will be able to make it back to Salem as an actual couple or will they get cold feet? Let us know!

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