December 25, 2017
June 14 Is Flag Day, POTUS And Army Birthday — What Astrologers Predict For The Gemini In Chief [Video]

June 14, 2017, is an important day in politics and history. It's Flag Day, the U.S. Army's birthday, and the 71st birthday for Donald Trump, the president of the United States. Those born on June 14 fall under the sign of the Gemini, and some people who look to the stars for guidance and as a predictor of future events think it's no coincidence that these three events occur on the same day.

Astrologers have also come forward in light of President Trump's birthday to offer their predictions for the Gemini in Chief. As one looks at recent predictions for President Trump, it quickly becomes apparent that should the stars be trusted, Donald Trump has a long, troubled road ahead.

A 2015 reading of Donald Trump's personality by astrologer Leslie McGuirk described the Gemini born on Flag Day as having communication issues due to his Mercury placement as squaring in Neptune. She described the communication issue as follows.

"Every time he opens his mouth, that planet Neptune is coloring his thinking and not in a good way. There is a delusional quality to his thinking. However, it can also be visionary, which is yet another reason why people are attracted to him. He has envisioned the future and people like what he describes. This communication issue is not great for a future president. If he was to talk with world leaders about difficult topics, he would probably be as conspicuously abrasive as he is right now. This characteristic would not change, and I fear it could be dangerous."

For more information on President Trump's astrological chart, head over to Astrostyle. They have a full breakdown of his chart and what it reveals. Astrostyle also attributes Trump's outlandish Twitter habits to his moon sign being in fiery Sagittarius. Here is a quote.

"This moon sign can be combustible and prone to hot-headed, offensive outbursts. It's little surprise that Trump has fired off so many controversial and off-color statements in the heat of the moment. His self-regulated Twitter account has become subject [sic] of campaign scrutiny and GOP angst—and a guilty addiction for voters of both parties. What will the man say next? This has led many to wonder if someone with such an itchy Twitter finger should have access to another hot button—one that could launch nuclear arms."

Astrologer Wendell C. Perry is predicting a very difficult summer ahead for President Trump. According to Good Golly Astrology, the planets are lining up in opposition to President Trump's sun, meaning great difficulty is in his near future. Things appear to be in a continual battle until August 24, 2017, and even then, Perry isn't predicting things to get much better for the POTUS.

Due to the lineup of the stars and planets, Perry predicts something extremely troubling will occur for Trump during the summer. Whether it is the impeachment many are looking for remains to be seen, but according to Perry, it isn't good. Perry also believes the August 21, 2017, solar eclipse will bring even greater distress for POTUS. Perry isn't the only astrologer issuing dire warnings for POTUS this summer. Perry shared the following.

"The experts tell us that people expecting a quick exit for Donald Trump are fooling themselves. Even if this Congress were to decide to impeach him, which is highly unlikely, the proceedings would drag on for months and even then wouldn't necessary end the way his detractors would like. However, these aspects tell me that something big is going to happen to Donald Trump this summer and, even it is isn't impeachment, it's certainly not going to be pleasant."

The Stars over Washington astrological blog that follows political events also pointed to the Mercury-Neptune square and how Jeff Sessions delivered testimony under this troubling planetary lineup. According to astrologer Jude Cowell, the Mercury-Neptune square means an influx of lies, loose lips, and falsehoods are to be expected, and Cowell doubts the truth will be exposed during the hearings.

What do you think about the astrological predictions surrounding President Donald Trump on his 71st birthday? Do you agree that Trump is headed for a long, hot summer that will result in a sudden change?

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