Brandi Glanville Twitter: 'RHOBH' Admits To Taking Xanax Amid LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Feud

Brandi Glanville is stressing out and last night, she took a Xanax before bed.

Following days of back and forth with her ex-huband, Eddie Cibrian, and his wife, LeAnn Rimes, who the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star accused of "stalking" her earlier this month, Brandi Glanville surfaced on Twitter where she suggested that she had been overwhelmed by their public feud.

"Super stressed the f**k out," Brandi Glanville wrote to her many fans and followers. "Xanax and sleep happening now good night."

Brandi Glanville's post came just a short time after she defended herself against Cibrian and Rimes to her audience. As fans may have seen, Glanville appeared on Twitter on June 13 to ask fans why Cibrian spoke out in defense of his wife.

"She's 35 and old enough to defend herself isn't she? [Someone's] b***s have been clipped, her b***h I guess!" she tweeted.

While many fans pointed out that LeAnn Rimes was Eddie Cibrian's wife, Brandi Glanville said that she is the mother of his two kids and should get more respect. Glanville went on to reveal that Rimes has allegedly been stalking her and using her kids to torment her. She also said that one day, her sons would see exactly how she's been treated.

Brandi Glanville's former husband, Eddie Cibrian, was caught having an affair in 2009 with a then-married LeAnn Rimes, who he later married. Since then, Rimes has been acting as stepmother to Glanville's two children and continues to feud with the former reality star on and off. That said, Glanville insists she's never discouraged her children from giving love to the country singer.

"She's the one wanted to get rid of my title!" Brandi Glanville alleged.

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While Brandi Glanville's feud with her former husband and his wife just got rebooted, the trio has been at war behind the scenes for years, according to Glanville, and she's finally had enough.

On June 8, Brandi Glanville released a statement against LeAnn Rimes, claiming to The Dirty that she had caught the singer stalking her on social media and then showing up to Nobu restaurant after learning her location via Snapchat.

In response, Eddie Cibrian released a statement of his own, revealing to TooFab that he and Rimes made a reservation at Nobu days prior to their run-in with Glanville at the popular Malibu restaurant.

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While LeAnn Rimes hasn't said much, she did laugh at a comment made by a fan online who joked that he was going to start tweeting random, bizarre, and false statements because it works out for some people.

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