English Premier League Update: Chelsea To Kickoff Against Burnley Without ‘Unwanted’ Diego Costa

English Premier League Champions Chelsea, will kick off their season at home their home ground, where they will entertain Burnley on Saturday, August 12. In theory, a home game against Burnley, is a great way for Chelsea to begin their season. Chelsea go into the new season, knowing that they won the Premier League Championship, finishing the season seven points ahead of closest challengers, Tottenham Hotspur. Chelsea ended the season 53 points ahead of Burnley, who finished 16th and narrowly avoided relegation.

As revealed by the BBC, Chelsea were fired to their most recent Premier League Championship by Spanish striker Diego Costa. Over the course of last season Costa scored 20 goals for Chelsea, and he also chipped in with seven assists. It was a huge turnaround for Costa, who had struggled alongside his team throughout the previous season. As Chelsea struggled, Costa had a poor season, and many fans were unhappy with his performances.

Learning to control his temper, on the pitch, played a huge part in Costa’s great season last time out. During his time at Chelsea, Costa’s volatility cost him numerous bookings, dismissals, and suspensions, so his improved disciplinary record helped him and his team. As any soccer fan knows, a reliable and proven goal scorer is a key factor for any successful Premier League team, and Diego Costa is undoubtedly a proven goal scorer.

Chelsea Diego Costa
[Image by Matt Dunham/AP]

Costa’s goals fired Chelsea to two Premier League titles in three seasons, and yet it appears that Chelsea are desperate to sell Costa to another team.

Why Do Chelsea And Antonio Conte Want Rid Of Diego Costa?

There is no doubt that Chelsea will kick off the new Premier League season without Diego Costa, but why are Chelsea so keen to get shot of a proven goal scorer?

Costa’s disciplinary record is certainly a factor. As Transfer Market report, Costa has been suspended on nine occasions since he joined Chelsea, and no team can afford to have their star striker sitting in the stands. Costa’s trouble at Chelsea runs much deeper than that. It was reported in the Sun earlier this year, that Costa had been attempting to engineer a move back to Spain, and as a result he had a major fallout, with Chelsea coach Antonio Conte.

As reported in the Guardian, Costa has made it clear that Conte does not want him at Chelsea when the new Premier League season starts. Costa made public a message from Conte, in which he was told that he has no future at Chelsea. It is claimed that, by making the message public, Costa may have cost Chelsea millions. Clubs now know that Chelsea is desperate to offload Costa, so transfer bids are likely to be substantially reduced.

Chelsea Antonio Conte
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A number of clubs are interested in signing Costa, and he may be sent on loan to Athletico Madrid. The Spanish club is currently banned from signing new players, under the terms of a transfer embargo. Athletico may sign Costa on loan and sign him permanently when the embargo expires in January 2018.

Wherever Costa starts the new season, it seems certain that he will not be at Chelsea, when the Premier League season kicks off.

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