‘General Hospital’ Spoilers, June 15: Jason Investigates Chimera, Josslyn Stops Carly, Amy Needs Nathan

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Wednesday, June 14’s General Hospital episode will be the installment that was scheduled for yesterday. So let’s take a look ahead at what is due to happen on Thursday, June 15.

General Hospital spoilers promise nail-biting suspense as Carly forces Sonny to talk to her about yesterday’s spicy kiss. Sadly, Josslyn isn’t having any of it. Meanwhile, Jake is relieved to be rid of Helena’s terror – for now – and Jason wants to keep it that way.

Carly (Laura Wright) is certainly open to the idea of a relationship with Sonny (Maurice Bernard), but, of course, Josslyn (Eden McCoy) is going out of her way to make the situation very difficult for them. In fact, Josslyn is going to have a heated exchange with Carly, which will cause her to doubt the kiss.

Meanwhile, Carly tells Sonny that they’ll need to be somewhat circumspect for a while, to prevent Josslyn from losing it. Sonny has noticed Josslyn’s increased hostility towards him and concedes that she’s probably going to give them trouble either way. Will Sonny be prepared to be patient?

Nevertheless, General Hospital spoilers hint at the possibility of some fiery teen drama to look forward to over the next few weeks.


Elsewhere, Jake (Hudson West) is still recovering from the horrific time Helena (Constance Towers) has put him through. Luckily Jason (Billy Miller) is there for him and is dead set on trying to figure out exactly what happened. It has already been revealed that someone other than Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) is also responsible for sending Jake a magic kit.

If Jason works out who got the Chimera to Jake in the first place, he may be able to prevent another attack. There are hints that Jason’s investigation will turn up some shocking revelations, and we are in store for a return of Bradford Anderson’s Spinelli character.


But Sam (Kelly Monaco) is not happy about Jason’s involvement in the Chimera nightmare, especially considering that she heard a voice that was remarkably similar to her own, warning her that her family might be in danger. As a result, Sam will beg Jason to step away from the whole situation and let it go.

Jason will have to decide where his priorities lie.

In other General Hospital news, Andre (Anthony Montgomery) is finding it ever more challenging to get Jake to trust him enough to open up. General Hospital spoilers hint that Andre is going to have a critical request for Jake.

Now that Alex is away from Port Charles – who knows for how long – Anna (Finola Hughes) meets up with Lulu (Emme Rylan) to discuss the charges against Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Nina (Michelle Stafford) is going to overhear the conversation and begin to doubt whether Valentin has a chance to regain freedom at all.


Nina still loves Valentin and is set on the idea of Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) being able to start a new, meaningful relationship with her father. Meanwhile, Charlotte is bound to get a message from Valentine that will make her doubt the veracity of the reasons she was given for why her father is away.

How will she handle finding out that her parents have been lying to her?

Amy (Risa Dorken) is pleased with her recent success and wants to exploit the attention to boost interest in her column and potential future book. However, Amy is well aware that a great deal of her success depends on Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) gorgeous face.

Amy will have to ask Nathan for his help if she wants to take full advantage of the moment. Nathan, on the other hand, isn’t too keen on the idea, but he’d have to be cruel not to want to help the lovely Amy out. Will he come around to the notion?

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