$700k Of Gold Dust Missing From Pfizer Lab

$700k in gold dust has gone missing from a Pfizer lab in in St. Louis County, Missouri. Police are currently trying to determine whether the dust was stolen or if it was lost.

The investigation into the missing gold dust began last week after an employee of the popular drugmaker was unable to find the precious metal during an inventory at the laboratory, reports NBC News.

Police began the investigation in Chesterfield, Missouri, to uncover what may have happened to the gold dust, which was purchased for $700k last year and is intended for research.

Police Captain Steven Lewis stated, “They went to check on it and found out there was a quantity missing.” Fox News notes that Lewis added not one is “sure if they just didn’t account for it and it was used naturally, or if it was stolen or misplaced.”

Pfizer Inc has stated that they will not comment on the missing gold dust while the investigation is ongoing, because it would not be appropriate.

The company also did not say why they keep gold dust for research use. Pfizer spokesman Steve Danehy stated, “We are taking this matter very seriously and working closely with local law enforcement authorities.”

The $700k in missing gold dust is a new experience for Chesterfield, Missouri law enforcement, allowing them a break from their normal routine. Lewis added, “We have never had a report of missing gold dust before. Fort Knox may have, but we never have.

Pfizer has three research sites in the state of Missouri, including the one in Chesterfield, where $700k of gold dust is missing.