Modesty Club: High School Teenager Encourages Covering Up

Pasadena, CA – A high school modesty club was formed by a California teenager hoping to encourage fellow students to not wear sexually suggestive clothing. According to SouthPasadenaPatch, Saige Hatch’s Modesty Club has only 17 student members at South Pasadena High School, but she says that more than 1,000 people worldwide have joined via the club’s website. She wants people to know they don’t have to dress half naked to get attention or to be loved.

The Modesty Club is a social club that asks girls to pledge they will wear “shirts and dresses that cover my stomach, lower back, breasts and shoulders” and “not ask, persuade, or allow a boy to do anything with me that will jeopardize the code of chastity.”

The Modesty Club website declares that a “shift is coming, sneaking through the literal fabric of our culture. Our bright heroic women are being made the fool. A fool to think that to be loved they must be naked. To be noticed they must be sexualized. To be admired they must be objectified.”

Saige Hatch comes from a family that has become famous for its focus on propriety. Saige’s father’s famous cousin is Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT). Saige’s father co-authored the book “Raising a G-Rated Family in an X-Rated World” with wife Phelecia. So perhaps it’s with no surprise that Saige Hatch says her “mission is to empower men and women, boys and girls to the highest quality of self esteem.”

Saige’s brother, McKay Hatch, made national headlines in 2008 after founding a No Cussing Club. For this he received “death threats and bomb threats and the calls and all the chaos.” Like her brother, Saige has had to endure hateful persecution, like vandals egging and leaving graffiti on her father’s van. The website has also received a few nasty messages.

A rap video produced by the Modesty Club explains their rationale in an amusing manner: