Woman Claims She Is 'Paying The Ultimate Price' After Letting Black-Eyed Kids Into Her House

Like many ghostly stories, the one's about the black-eyed kids are just another questionable phenomena. One lady, however, is paying the ultimate price after claiming to have let the black-eyed kids into her home.

A Vermont woman believes that she is going to die because of a mistake she made just a little more than a year ago. The woman, who remains annonymous, claims that she was awakened in the middle of the night to the sound of banging on the door.

She thought perhaps someone was in a car accident since the area was caught in the middle of a snow storm. She peeked out the window and realized her motion light was on, but was unable to see any cars anywhere.

The woman did notice someone standing outside the door, so she woke her husband up to answer it. When her husband opened the door, there stood two young children, a boy and a girl who looked to be no older than 8 years old.

"They were dressed strangely and had odd haircuts. The girl's hair was very long and straight and the boy had a dated haircut that looked almost like a bowl cut. They weren't dressed for winter and my first thought was that they must have been Mennonite children but as far as I know there was never a large community of Mennonites near us."
It was 2:00 in the morning, and the woman said that she should have felt like rushing them inside and out of the snow storm, but she said they made her feel unnerving. When she asked the kids where their parents were, one of the children responded, "They'll be here soon."

She told Hiduth that even, though her instincts told her not to let them in the house, she did it anyway. She thought maybe there was an accident and the kids had gotten lost or something.

While she went to the kitchen to make the kids some hot cocoa, she listened to her husband attempting to speak to the children, but all they would say was, "Our parents will be here soon."

Three of the four cats were hiding, and the other was in the kitchen with the woman while she made the hot cocoa.

"Normally our cats are very curious and friendly and we have to be careful that they don't run out the door when we leave. This time none of them even tried to see who was here which I thought was very strange. All of the hair on Pigeon's neck was standing up and his tail was puffed up while he looked in the living room."
Black-eyed kids scared the cats
[Photo by DavidGraham86/Thinkstock]When the woman returned to the living room, her husband appeared to have something wrong with him, but he claimed he just felt a bit dizzy. It was that moment when she handed the children their hot cocoa that she realized they had black eyes.
"They had no whites just giant black pupils."
When the children realized that she was nervous, they asked to use the bathroom. That was when she realized that she truly made a mistake letting these "children" into the house. Her husband's nose started to bleed, the electricity went out, and the woman walked back the hallway to see the children just standing there.
"Our parents are here."
They walked to the door, opened it, and walked out. Two men stood beside a black car. They all climbed into the car and drove off.

Black-eyed kids are an urban legend
[Photo by Karen Faljyan/Thinkstock]Since then, three of their cats have gone missing, and her husband had abnormal nosebleeds and was eventually diagnosed with aggressive skin cancer. The woman has also suffered from regular nosebleeds and claims to be in the worst condition of her life.

Could this all be a strange coincidence, or is it possible that the black-eyed children myth truly is real?

Paranormal About discusses whether the black-eyed children phenomena is a fact, or just some misinterpretation of fear. The black-eyed kids (BEK) tale has been an urban legend for some time now. Each incident reported varies to some degree, but they all say one thing in common: That the children have black eyes with no whites.

While the reports of BEK's have been soaring, it is unknown whether or not they truly exist, or if black-eyed children are just some sort of a paranoid overreaction.

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