‘Orange Is The New Black’ Ending With Season 6? Writer Says Piper-Alex’s Happiness Is Short-Lived

Orange is the New Black Season 5 has recently dropped its episodes that showed revelations and consequences following the events that unfolded in the Season 4 finale. With Netflix being on a cancellation spree with some of its shows such as Sense8, many fans are beginning to feel worried that OITNB Season 6 will be the last.

Orange is the New Black Season 5 has been receiving mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. Some viewers and critics felt that the fifth season had some unnecessary flashbacks, as Vanity Fair reviewed, while others applauded the show and its writers’ ability to condense its timeline to three days.

While the show was undoubtedly one of Netflix’s most watched and highly praised shows, OITNB has lost that spark that it initially held among its loyal followers. This led to speculations that Orange is the New Black will be ending after Season 6.

However, fans need not worry about Orange is the New Black Season 6 being the last one, as Netflix has already ordered renewals for the show till Season 7. Lauren Morelli, a writer for the series, also told The Hollywood Reporter that they already have an endgame in mind, but there is no certainty as to whether or not OITNB will end with Season 7.

Morelli explained that they have been thinking of an endgame to Orange is the New Black since it first premiered on Netflix. This is most especially true because the story primarily revolves around Piper (Taylor Schilling), who has been sentenced to prison for 13 months.

While viewers can now let out a sigh of relief knowing that Orange is the New Black Season 6 will not be the series ender, it looks like this longer timeline will bring out challenges in the newly-engaged couple, Piper and Alex (Laura Prepon). As seen on the OITNB Season 5 finale, the fan-favorite couple got engaged.

Many fans, especially those who have been following Alex and Piper from the beginning of Orange is the New Black, rejoiced over the couple’s engagement. However, it looks like their celebration will come to an end pretty quickly.

“But the celebration is always short-lived. You get about 30 seconds of them being happy!”

This means that either Alex and Piper will end their engagement on Orange is the New Black Season 6 or something grim will happen to either or them. Either way, Morelli promised viewers that the upcoming season will not be a reset; rather, it will be “different” and it will raise the bar higher than the previous seasons.

How do you want Orange is the New Black to end? Should Alex and Piper get their happily ever after?

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