Amber Portwood Calls Herself A ‘Real F****ng Woman’ For Not Reporting Domestic Violence

Amber Portwood has found herself in quite a sticky situation. Her relationship with Matt Baier has been rocky, and recently, it took a turn for the worst. While it is unclear where they are headed at the moment and the status of their relationship is up in the air, Amber and Matt are dominating the headlines. Portwood has been quiet about her private life for the most part. She responds to the haters minimally, and only if she deems it necessary. The last few days though, she has been quite vocal.

Instagram live has been something celebrities have put to use. Amber Portwood has been making videos and posting them for her fans. Her most recent late-night rant has people talking, and not in a good way. According to Starcasm, Amber Portwood calls herself a “real woman” for not reporting domestic violence. She has reportedly been a victim and remained quiet about it. The Teen Mom OG star talked about it in her Instagram video noting that she has been on both sides of the situation. Instead of explaining further, she changed the subject. This has now started another controversy and what people are saying isn’t nice at all. Portwood clearly didn’t think before she spoke and calling herself a “real woman” for not reporting abuse isn’t sitting well with people.

Sending love???? Be kind to each other????????

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It is unclear who Amber Portwood was talking about when she said she was a victim of domestic violence. Some believe it was Gary Shirley because she mentioned being on both sides, but there is also the possibility she meant Matt Baier. Rumors have circulated that there were some issues of physical violence between them, but nothing has been confirmed. All of this comes on the heels of months of speculations regarding Portwood and Baier’s relationship.

Their October wedding has been called off once again. The two were supposed to marry last fall and that was canceled as well. Amber Portwood has been dropping hints that she will try and work things out with Matt Baier while appearing on another reality television show. It seems that she believes that counseling will help the two to resolve their issues and possibly move forward. With all of the stress surrounding them, doing another reality show may not be the best idea for Portwood and Baier.

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Details regarding the specifics of Amber Portwood and Matt Baier’s breakup have not been clear. Some reports are saying the two are done for good despite him remaining in her home, while others are saying Portwood is willing to try to work things out. Teen Mom OG is currently airing all-new shows and their relationship is showing signs of wearing out. Portwood has just opened up a new can of worms with her comments about domestic violence, and now, she will have to face the critics.

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