600 Pounds Of Meth Lollipops Seized: Burglary Call Leads To Drug Bust, Believe Children Were Targeted

When Houston police were dispatched to investigate a possible burglary, reported by a concerned neighbor, they found something unexpected. When law enforcement officers arrived at the Harris County residence, a man and a woman were loading lollipops into a car. They had so many that the robbers couldn’t close the hatch on the vehicle. It turns out these were no ordinary suckers. They were laced with methamphetamine, 600 pounds of it. Authorities say the drug-laced candy has an estimated street value of nearly $1 million.

The meth-laced lollipops were discovered on Monday, according to CNN. A press conference the following day revealed a few details. Lt. Ruben Diaz explained that the candy was made in the kitchen of the same home that was being burglarized. They were in different shapes, including some that resembled characters from Star Wars and Batman. It is believed that the female suspect used to live in the house.

Sgt. Cedrick Collier, a spokesman for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said that a drug bust like this is a first for the area. On Facebook, the sheriff’s office wrote that it is believed the meth lollipops were intended to be given to children and/or sold to minors.

Diaz added that they think the drug-laced candy was being marketed for children because of the designs. He said that the case is affecting the entire community because kids were being targeted. In the press conference, Diaz was concerned about the possibility of someone dropping one of the lollipops and a child picking it up. Although drugs are often hidden, Diaz admitted he had never seen them infused in lollipops before. He believes that the suckers were sold for $20 to $40 each.

According to Chron, mug shots of Evonne Mick, 38, and David Salinas, 26, were included in photos the Harris County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook. However, the mug shots do not appear to be attached to the post anymore. The website stated Mick and Salinas were not identified in the press release, but the photos suggest they were the ones stealing the meth-laced lollipops. The location of the house was not revealed and it is not clear who owned the residence. Both suspects are facing charges of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

Authorities are trying to determine if the meth-laced lollipops were being sold outside of Harris County or if it was a local operation.

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