George Brinkman: Ohio Man Suspected In Five Homicides

George Brinkman was arrested on Tuesday morning following an eight-hour standoff with the Brunswick, Ohio, police department. According to reports, the 45-year-old man is suspected in the homicides of five people, who authorities identified as Rogell E. John II, Roberta R. John, Suzanne Taylor, Taylor Pifer, and Kylie Pifer.

On Sunday, June 11, authorities were called to a North Royalton, Ohio, home on reports of a triple homicide. Detectives with the North Royalton Police Department later confirmed 45-year-old Suzanne Taylor and her two daughters, Taylor Pifer, 21, and Kylie Pifer, 19, were murdered.

As reported by ABC News, Detective Dave Loeding confirmed Suzanne had visible stab wounds. However, her daughters did not have any obvious injuries. Authorities have not released Taylor and Kylie’s cause of death at this time.

On Monday, June 12, Rogell E. John II, 71, and Roberta R. John, 64, were found shot to death in the bedroom of their Lake Township, Ohio, home. According to reports, the couple was discovered by their son — who was concerned when Rogell did not show up for work.

The son, who was not identified by name, told authorities his parents had just returned home from a vacation. George Brinkman, who had been house-sitting for the couple, was the only person who had access to Rogell and Roberta’s home.

Within hours, authorities tracked Brinkman to a home in Brunswick, where the suspect had barricaded himself inside. As reported by Fox 8, the standoff lasted nearly eight hours. Authorities confirmed a stun gun was ultimately used to subdue the suspect. However, nobody was seriously harmed.

Although an unidentified woman was reportedly inside the house with the suspect, she also escaped the home without injury.

Authorities arrested and charged George Brinkman with two counts of murder in the deaths of Rogell and Roberta John. He is currently being held on a $2 million bond. Although he is the primary suspect in the murders of Suzanne Taylor, Taylor Pifer, and Kylie Pifer, he has not been charged in connection with their deaths at this time.

Officials said George Brinkman dated the Johns’ daughter and previously worked at their family business. Although he was “Facebook friends” with Suzanne Taylor, authorities are unsure how well the suspect knew the victim or her daughters. Detectives have not found any evidence that Suzanne or her daughters knew the Johns.

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