Baby Girl Jackson: 4-Month-Old Missing, Police Say Octavia Jackson Withholding Information About Daughter

On June 1, Octavia Jackson, 33, and Nicholios Nealy, 37, were charged with custodial interference related to their 4-month-old daughter who disappeared. Authorities do not know the little girl’s name and until they do, she is being called “Baby Girl Jackson.” In addition to custodial interference, Jackson is also being charged with perjury and unsworn falsification. According to CBS News, there are three states involved in the search for the missing infant.

The root of the case began 14 months ago, when Arizona Department of Child Services investigated the couple for child abuse. The agency would not give out any details about the case. However, it was revealed that in addition to the unidentified infant, they have two other daughters, ages 12 and 13, and an 8-year-old son.

On April 29, 2016, a Mohave County judge ordered that the children be placed in the state’s custody. During the hearings for custody and placement, authorities learned that Octavia Jackson gave birth on February 10, 2017, at University Medical Center, located in Las Vegas. At first, the mother denied that she had another child, but later on admitted that it was true. However, she refused to reveal any details about the baby, including her name.

On May 24, Jackson was arrested for contempt of court for refusing to reveal the baby’s location. On June 7, Nealy was put in jail for not turning the child over to the Department of Child Services.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal noted that Octavia Jackson and Nicholios Nealy have lived in Arizona, Nevada, and California. All three states are working to locate Baby Girl Jackson.

Mohave County attorney’s office investigator Steve Auld said that Octavia and Nicholios have ties to the Laughlin area. They also reportedly were involved with a Black Hebrew Israelites Church while in Las Vegas. Authorities are looking into those leads to see if they can come up with any information regarding Baby Girl Jackson. However, it is difficult because nobody knows her name and what she looks like, and with ties to multiple states, the baby could be anywhere.

“We’re quite concerned. If anybody has that baby and knows we’re looking for her, they’re guilty of kidnapping as far as Mohave County is concerned.”

Auld is asking anyone who knows where the child is to contact authorities or to drop Baby Girl Jackson off at a fire station.

[Featured Image by Mohave County Sheriff’s Office]