Nanny Wanted, Salary $64K: Haunted House Causes Five Nannies To Quit In A Year

When living in a haunted house it is hard to get good help, just ask a family of four willing to pay the salary of 50,000 pounds, which is the equivalent of $63,775.00 in American dollars for a nanny. This family is desperate to hire a nanny after five nannies quit in the last year.

After hearing that the family has gone through five nannies in the last year, one might assume that the kids are holy terrors. But no, it’s not the kids at all — the last five nannies have been scared off by ghosts. This family of four live in a house that is haunted, or at least this is the thought behind all the weird happenings.

There is an actual ad on the website, and when the top brass of the company saw the ad, they were skeptical. After speaking with the family and a couple of their past employees, the ad was found to be genuine, according to Metro.

The family who posted the ad didn’t sugar coat a thing. While they say in their ad that they personally have not experienced ghostly happenings, their past nannies have. They do say that they are a busy working couple, so they are out of the house a lot. However, these haunting-like events take place when they are not at home. They also warn that there will be times the nanny will be completely in charge of the kids while they are away.

The live-in nanny deal comes with a bedroom and a bathroom, and the nanny gets her own small kitchen. The big plus is the salary above the going rate for a nanny because of the ghostly encounters the new nanny might have to endure. The previous nannies heard noises, saw things get moved, and witnessed glass breaking.

The couple purchased the house about 10 years ago on the Scottish Borders. Today, they have two children, ages 5 and 7, and they are in desperate need of a nanny as they have busy work lives. The nanny must sleep in the house four nights a week. Again, the husband and wife have not experienced the supernatural happenings their past nannies have endured, but they’ve lost those nannies because of these occurrences, so they must have been scary enough to make them quit.

Richard Conway, who is the CEO of, said some of the folks at headquarters raised their eyebrows when first hearing about this situation, but their skepticism was debunked after talking to the couple and people they’ve employed in the home.

[Featured Image by Matt Dunham/AP Images]