14-Year-Old Girl Swings Puppy By The Neck On A Leash In The Air [Graphic Video]

There is a graphic and disturbing video of a 14-year-old swinging a white puppy around in the air by the leash around the dog’s neck. As seen in the video below from the Daily Mail, the video might be only 10 seconds long, but it has gotten quite a bit of backlash from viewers concerned about the puppy’s well-being. An investigation has been launched into the 14-year-old girl and the actions seen against the puppy in the video. However, the girl has not being named due to her age.

The article on the publication’s website has been shared at least 6,400 times on social media, with comments about the horrific actions of the girl in the video seen swinging the puppy around in circles by the dog’s neck. The video was originally uploaded to social media, but the video featuring the abuse against the puppy has been taken down.

After the puppy was swung around in circles by the dog’s neck on a leash, the puppy sits down on the floor, dazed and likely in fear prior to being led away by the girl using the same leash that she used to swing the puppy around in the air.

Warning: The following video is disturbing as it shows the teenage girl swinging the puppy around in the air.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or the RSPCA, is looking into the matter, which has gone viral online.

A Facebook search for reactions to the puppy being swung around by his neck shows the outrage from folks who have watched the video.

The 14-year-old is being called disgusting and evil by some people who want her punished for her actions. Others are concerned about why the young girl would undertake such actions, noting how cruelty to animals and people can be seen as a stepping stone or trigger for more violent crimes against animals or humans in the future.

More comments beneath the Daily Mail article show readers begging for the puppy to be rescued and so the little girl doesn’t cause it any further harm.

[Featured Image by joonasp/Shutterstock]