WWE News: Main Event Star Cleared To Return From Injury And Surgery, But Reports Now Refute That Claim

When a main event superstar ends up with an unexpected injury, it puts a major bump in the road for WWE and their future plans. Braun Strowman‘s elbow injury really threw a wrench into the entire operation as he was feuding with Roman Reigns in one of the top programs on Monday Night Raw. Now, there are rumors that he is healed up, cleared, and ready to return, but other reports are refuting that and saying the giant is not yet ready to get back into the ring.

The injury took place during his feud with Reigns, which saw no less than Strowman tipping over an ambulance and ripping the door off of another one. Needless to say, but that can’t be good for anyone’s body, and it sidelined him for what was said to be a six-month time period.

The official website of WWE even stated that due to his surgery, Strowman was going to be out close to the remainder of 2017. A number of wrestling websites refuted that time frame and said it was all a “work” to make fans believe he would be out longer than he actually will be, and therefore, his return would be a major surprise.

Here it is, a month after surgery, and it appears there is still a lot of confusion.

wwe news braun strowman injury update return roman reigns feud summerslam brock lesnar
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According to a post from PW Insider, Strowman has been cleared and is going to “return soon.” Apparently, he was cleared for action a week ago, but he’s waiting for the creative team to come up with a storyline where he can fit into things.

That was Tuesday morning. By this afternoon, others were saying something entirely different.

Now, they are both stating that Strowman is going to be back in action for WWE soon, but there appears to be some confusion as to whether he has been cleared or not by doctors.

wwe news braun strowman injury update return roman reigns feud summerslam brock lesnar
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When Strowman went out with his injury, he was in the middle of feuding with Roman Reigns, who currently is not involved in any type of program. Reigns is going to be on Raw next week to make some kind of big SummerSlam announcement, which has started all kinds of other speculation.

It was originally reported that Braun Strowman would miss one or two months of action due to his elbow injury and surgery, but then, it jumped to six months. Now, some are saying he’s cleared and ready to return while others are saying he’s still not ready. No matter what the case is, WWE is not going to spoil anything until they actually have it happen on Monday Night Raw or on television. It is going to be interesting to see just when the brutal giant actually gets back into the ring.

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